• How to take free trial license for active directory migration manager?


    I want to take the free trial license for active directory migration manager. I have found a link where it is mentioned that it takes 30 days free trial. But after download the package, getting the no license error.

    Can you please help me on how…

  • Resource processing creates duplicate computer objects in Azure

    Hey guys,

    we are just in the preparation of an On-Premise AD migration. So it's On-Prem to On-Prem with hybrid connected Azure AD resources.

    The AAD Connect is able to to watch into both forests. We have defined by sync rule that a migrated user object…

  • Source Group membership is not mapping if we migrate the user accounts to different child domains within the same forest.

    Hi Team

    We migrated the user accounts between child domains within the same forest. The user was successfully migrated to the target domain, but they lost access to cross-functional source group memberships.

    Please help me with the scenario's issue. How…

  • Mandatory files and folders that need to be moved from the old server to the new Quest server.

    Hello Team,

    We successfully upgraded the Quest Server from a legacy version to the latest operating system (moving from one forest domain to another forest domain). I have a couple of questions:

    1. In the RUM console (Resource Update Manager) on the new…

  • Moving AD LDS Database to another Forest Domain

    Hello Team,

    We are currently in the process of upgrading the Quest Server from a legacy version to the latest operating system. As part of this activity, we are attempting to move the ADLDS (Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services) Database…

  • How to match objects in a merging / synchronization project

    Hi there,

    currently I'm in a new project where in the target domains already the source accounts have been created.
    Some former aborted QMMAD migrations have been started, for some domains simply new secondary accounts have been created for the users…

  • Process to know Transfer to Quest Migration Manager for AD License and Quest ADAM database to different forest Domain

    Hello Team,

    require your assistance in understanding the process for transferring the Quest Migration Manager for AD license and Quest ADAM Database from one forest domain to another forest domain server (e.g., from LA.ABC.INTRA to CORP.ABC.COM).


  • Quest Migration Manager - AD Account migration in Same forest with having Same UPN

    We are migrating the accounts from one child domain to another child domain in same forest,

    since in source domain these accounts are using one specific DNS suffix in UPN and same, we need to carry out in Destination domain, since both the domains are in…

  • RUM Processing Task taking too much time

    Hello Team,

    I have initiated the Server Processing task, but it took too much time and its not been completed.

    Past 30min in the Processing time showing In-progress(Estimate), but not even start the calculation. other servers are completed within few…

  • Server Migration in Processing Task - Error _ Internal Processing failure

    Hi Team

    We are trying to Migrating the server by using the Quest RUM Console, in the Processing Task at the time of 99% got the error internal Processing failure.

    and even the server to complete the processing task it took more time.

    Please help us how…

  • Quest Migration Manager for AD Synchronization report and logs

    Hello Team,

    where did we find the Quest MM for AD Synchronization rereport with clear information. like How many users and groups are get synced and what are the objects are modified during the synchronization data and time wise

    If you preferred the dsa…

  • Received the error Error 0x6d1. The procedure number is out of range.

    We initiated the 10 Workstations Migrations by using the RUM Console.

    Out of 10, 9 Workstation got Migrated to Target Domain successfully, but one workstation not Migrated. getting Error message Error 0x6d1. The procedure number is out of range. in the…

  • Service Accounts Migrated to Target Domain, but Missing the user can not change Option

    Hello Team,

    We have Migrated the few services account from Source to Target Domain(different Forest), After successfully Migrated the accounts we noticed under the User Properties the option User Can not Change password is unchecked. 

    for the Note, in…

  • Desktop files are not showing\are missing

    We Migrated the remote workstation using the CCU, after successfully done. user were not able to see his\her Desktop files.

  • How to gather the extension attributes values for Migrated User accounts from ADAM ADLDS Database

    Hi Team,

    Could you please help us to find\ capture the extension attribute values in ADAM ADLDS Database who was Migrated users for Particular Domain Pair

  • How to Migrate the Computer objects from Source to Target Domain were users already created in Target Domain

    There are some of the users were already in Target Domain, but they are accessing the Computers which is from Source Domain, How do we Migrate those Computer account from Source To Target Domain without impacting the User Permissions?

    How do we translate…

  • HyperV Cluster Servers Migration Process from Quest RUM Console

    I would like to know the HyperV Cluster Servers Migration process by using the Quest RUM.

    Please help me with the clear Steps of HyperV Cluster Servers Migration or share any referral documents and link. Thanks in Advance

  • what is the Process of Merge Many Groups into one Group in a Destination Group

    Could you please share the process of merge from the Source Domain Many Groups to one Group in the Destination Group

    Example we have different scope of Groups in Source domain

    1) Group1 - Domain Location 

    2) Group2 - Global Group

    From the Source Domain…

  • Can I configure DirSync NOT to rename existing accounts? I want DirSync to ONLY update users passwords and group memberships, and clone new users, but NOT to rename existing users whose target names are different from the source

    Hello, I used a regular migration session to clone source users to target, and some of the source users were renamed on target. Some users on the source domain were named with FirstInitialLastName and were created on target with the new naming convention…

  • How can I learn Active Directory migration ?

    Please tell me how to find real projects online to work on. I mean not sure where to find databases of users to migrate!

  • Migration AD/Exch One forest mutli-domain to two new separate forest

    I've to design the migration for AD/Exchange from one multi-domain forest to two new forest.

    The source forest contains two domains to be migrated to new separate forest.
    Exchange is installed on a third domain on the source forest.

    I thinking to install…

  • Princing Migration Manager| Support absent

    Hello everybody,

    I sent a request for a quote to Quest support last week.
    No one answered me in 7 days, are there alternative methods or do I have to wait forever?

    I urgently need to have a price for license but I don't know how to do it.

    Can you…

  • Deleting AD objects once migration completes

    We are migrating machine objects and related groups to a new Azure AD from a on-prem AD, in line with a Win10 rollout, does the migration manager have the capability to auto-delete AD objects on the legacy AD once the migration to the new AD is complete…

  • Admin Agent Support for Windows Server 2019

    Admin Agent OS requirements currently does not include support for Server 2019

    Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.11 - Requirements and Installation Guide (quest.com)

    When will Windows Server 2019 be supported?

  • On-premises to On-premises AD user, group and workstation migration with AD connect creating new user objects in Azure.

    We are testing for a migration to move AD user, group and workstation from an on-premises domain to new on-premises domain.  AD Connect is running in the source domain and is running in the target domain.   We are using the steps below and using msDS-ExternalDirectoryObjectId…