• On Demand Migration - Comparison Reporting - New Feature Spotlight

    Quest is excited to announce the release of a new feature, which is part of the ongoing initiative to improve the reporting capabilities of the On Demand Migration Platform.

    With the release of this feature, Quest is actively supporting its customers…

  • How to stop teams chat messages to old tenant?

    I thought I have finished all migrations - but:

    Existing chats are still available on the old tenant and every participant of that chat is answering to the old tenant.

    In source tenant accounts had the UPN "name@contoso.com".

    I switched the…

  • Team site/content migration capability with ODM


    I would like to now the On Demand Migration tool capabilities to migrate MS Teams and its data which includes Channel, Teams Site, content, Planner, Group etc.

    1. How much data of Teams site/content can be migrated per hr? Is there any calculation…

  • Migration of Sites based on Site template type Team channel is not supported

    I'm attempting to migrate Teams with the following structure:

    • Team
      • Team channel 1 (Private)
      • Team channel 2 (Private)
      • Team channel 3 (Private)

    The content of Team channel 2 is migrated successfully, but Team channel 1 and 2 is skipped with the…

  • Teams Wiki

    So it appears that Quest On Demand Migration does not migrate Teams Wiki data.  Does anyone have any clue how to migrate this?  Do I need to manually copy the Wiki's over?

  • Files migration failed timed out during Teams migration


    I'm trying to migrate some Microsoft Office365 Teams from one tenant to another tenant and I'm having problems with SharePoint files. All Teams content is ok migrated (Group O365, channels, sharepoint site, etc..) but content inside General folder…

  • On Demand Migration for Teams – New Feature Spotlight

    What’s new with On-Demand Migration for Teams?
    As of January 2021 Private Chat Migrations are now generally available with Teams Workload of On Demand Migrations ! On Demand Teams migrations already provides unparalleled workload support by migrating…