Errors Netvault Backup

Hello everybody,

I have any problems about the Netvault Backup Software, what means these problems please ? I don't understand where is located the problems and how can i resolve it, i don't know the cause which trigger these problems.

Problems :

"Fatal error processing children of..."

"Media Request Failed...."

"Failed to prepare for an incremental backup.."

"Failed error writing backed up data..."

"Plugin had gone down"

Thanks for the responses.

  • Fatal error processing children of… This is just saying that the backup failed and there will be some other log messages which will show the name of the folder that contained the file that it failed on. It might be that there is something about a file in this folder that it couldn’t deal with, but sometimes it can be antivirus software or something like that causing a problem.

    Media Request Failed normally means that the job was configured with a media timeout and the job waited for media long enough to timeout.

    Failed to prepare for an incremental backup... Maybe there is something wrong with the netvault temp folder on the client or there is not enough space.  You might also try filtering the logs to show all error levels. Sometimes there will be additional log messages.

    Fatal error writing backed up data… I think this often accompanies fatal error processing children of… It is just saying that it had a fatal error (i.e. one it could not recover from) while writing the data. It isn’t talking about writing to the drive exactly. It is more like the plugin failed writing to the data channel between the plugin and the drive. 

    Plugin has gone down. This sounds like a process crashed. There might be a file created in the dump folder where NetVault is installed. Could this be machine has gone down? That normally means that communication was lost between the NetVault server and the NetVault Backup process on the client. Sometimes this is a network problem, but sometimes it can happen because a process dies on the client.

  • Thank you very much for your responses.

    I am sorry, I had forgotten an other error message which is : "Time server not responding", what is the problem ? The problem comes from an IP address conflict ? The problem comes from Access Lists ? Is it a crash ?

    Usually, what is the origins of current problems with Netvault Backup ? IP conflict ? ACLs ?

  • Those time server errors normally happen when clients are manually configured to synchronize BakBone time with a non-NetVault server. I would open configurator on the client that is reporting this error and under the Time Sync tab remove any entry in the "Synchronize BakBone time with system" field. This will make the clients sync with the NetVault Backup server for the "BakBone time". The NetVault server should be configured that same way, but the "This machine is the BakBone time server" box should be checked.

  • Can you help me please, I have a new error message which says "Netvault g:/VTL/.... had channel error", what means this error message ? What is a channel ?

  • I have an other Error, maybe you can tell me, what the reason is.

    I have a RMAN Oracle Job which is failed with Error Message "Server PhyscalDrive3:1: had transfer aborted"

    If I open these message an scroll dowm to the an, I can read: "MEDREAD :05776  336       0 163447 Error while polling for messages"

  • error : provider NVBULogDBMessage failed