Drive Performance Stats

Is there a way with Netvault that I can get statistics reported on IO rates per drive, error rates atthe drive level, and error/IO/tape occupancy at the tape media level? Tape drives are running aon a large Qualstar Tape Library, which does not capture this data.

  • Hi Don,

    If you right click a drive in "Device Management" and select "Status", there is a "Statistics" tab which gives you some of that information, however it is limited.

    You can also get more information using the NetVault Reports Window or the nvreport CLI command (here's an example)

    sh-3.2# ./nvreport -class "Drive Performance Statistics"

    NetVault 8.61 Server "adlermac" - Report "CLI Report"

    Component 'Drive Performance Statistics' at 13:25:25, 22 May 2012

    Time     Date        Drive Name           Job Id    Instance  Rate(kb/sec)

    13:22:25 22 May 2012 /Volumes/Data/Virtua 39        2         920