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Toad 6.3 for Mysql debug problem

Hi everyone,

Someone have tried to use debug mode in toad 6.3 for mysql?

In my case doesn't work, every time that I try to start a Procedure or function in debug mode the toad Freezes.

Thank for your help.

  • Hi Massimo,

    You have posted this question on a wrong group. This group only deals with Messaging applications for products such as MessageStats and Spotlight on Messaging. Please post your questions for Toad on the appropriate group.



  • Hi Sawan,

    Thanks, is necessary my action to remove the post?

    Can you help me to post into the correct group?


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    A: Massimo Iaccarino

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  • Hi Massimo,

    You can leave your post over here. You can just repost it on the TOAD group, so that you can get proper response fromt he TOAD team.