Office 365 and Azure Active Directory Solutions for a Secure Move to the Cloud

Move with ZeroIMPACT. Tighten security. Stay in control.

Organizations are sprinting to Office 365. Some organizations will strive to be 100% in the cloud, but many are heavily invested in legacy platforms and will need to support a hybrid model for the foreseeable future. In either scenario, it’s easy to see why Office 365 is so popular. Office 365 helps organizations save money, become more agile and drive innovation. But moving to Office 365 doesn’t come without risk and challenges.

Migrations are a critical step to managing your ever-changing and expanding Microsoft platforms. So whether you’re moving from Exchange, Outlook PSTs, third-party archives or non-Microsoft platforms like Notes or Gmail, or you’re planning a tenant-to-tenant consolidation following a merger or acquisition, migrations can be labor intensive and fraught with risk. If not done correctly, they can drain time, resources and budget.

Conquer the challenges of Office 365, Azure AD and hybrid AD management with Quest solutions to simplify migration, security and management. Quest solutions help you stay in control so you can:

  • Control costs and mitigate risk with ZeroIMPACT Office 365 migrations and tenant-to-tenant consolidations
  • Enable effective pre-migration planning with thorough assessments and remediation
  • Provide seamless coexistence to avoid user disruption during migration or tenant consolidation
  • Quickly recover lost data in bulk during migration so users can hit the ground running
  • Use automation (versus PowerShell) to simplify cloud security and management tasks, reducing risk and complexity
  • Gain visibility into all users, groups, roles and their access and permission levels
  • Ensure compliance with in-depth audits, reports and alerts on suspicious activity
  • Simplify user and license reporting to control costs

Solutions for every phase of implementation. 

Migration readiness — Clean up and optimize your environment — whether you’re merging or consolidating tenants or you’re migrating to a new Office 365, Azure AD or a hybrid environment — to speed up your migration and reduce Office 365 licensing costs.

  • Modernize Active Directory to reduce your on-premises footprint, address potential issues or redundancies and improve your security posture to ensure a seamless sync to Azure AD and Office 365.
  • Determine which users, mailboxes and applications need to be migrated and when, and identify potential issues before your move to prevent errors or delays downstream.
  • Back up data so it can be restored in minutes during or after your project. 

ZeroIMPACT Office 365 migration — Simplify and automate migration tasks, such as scheduling and real-time status monitoring, so you can finish your project up to 10x faster.

  • Minimize risk and business disruption by ensuring a ZeroIMPACT Office 365 migration or tenant-to-tenant consolidation for your entire organization. That means ZeroIMPACT on end users, your helpdesk and IT.
  • Keep users working and productive throughout any migration with seamless directory and free/busy coexistence and updated SharePoint Online permissions and Skype for Business Online links.
  • Avoid pitfalls and ensure success with help from our network of experienced services consultants and partners who have delivered countless migration projects. Relax knowing our 24x7 tech support has your back and can troubleshoot issues as they arrive.

Office 365 and Azure AD management — Manage your cloud or hybrid environment with ease using automated Quest solutions for user lifecycle management and provisioning, backup and recovery and license reporting.

  • Say goodbye to the tedious, error-prone and time-consuming native tools by automating all provisioning/de-provisioning, policy and user lifecycle management tasks across your hybrid AD and Office 365 environment.
  • Protect cloud and hybrid environments with secure backups and fast, comprehensive recovery of Azure AD and Office 365. Simplify Exchange data recovery from multiple locations, such as Exchange Online, Exchange on-premises, backups and PST files, enabling you to respond to end user and e-discovery requests quickly.
  • Get a 360 degree view of your Office 365 tenant from a single view. Track mailbox usage and storage trends, report on which Office 365 subscriptions and services users are entitled and discover inactive accounts that can be removed.

Office 365 and Azure AD security and auditing — Improve your security posture, ensure continuous compliance and take full control of Office 365, Azure AD and hybrid AD:

  • Easily report on and gain visibility into access to your Office 365 and other cloud workloads, including users, groups, permissions and other configurations.
  • Enforce administrator access control and separation of duties through a least privilege model to satisfy compliance requirements and overcome the security shortcomings of native tools.
  • Consolidate reporting on permissions access and auditing changes made to both on-premises and cloud workloads into a single console. Translate events and reports into simple terms and eliminate the time and complexity required for auditing and reporting. Easily correlate on-premises and cloud identities across hybrid environments.
  • Continually assess hybrid AD to identify vulnerabilities; detect and alert on suspicious activity, automate security administration tasks and investigate and recover from security incidents.

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