• what is difference between Recovery Manager for AD and Recovery Manager for AD forest edition


    what is difference between Recovery Manager for AD and Recovery Manager for AD forest edition .


  • How to migrate RMAD Configurations and setting to another environment


    is there any way to migrate RMAD Configuration and settings to another environment like export or import ?

     there is existing  RMAD environment and new to deploy RMAD with same setting and configuration in new environment ..is any way to perform…

  • what should be the basic structure to implement RMAD 10.3 in lab


    I need to setup lab to check with RMAD 10 for 4 DC Server later in production.

    1. what would be architecture for RMAD .

    2. Can I install RMAD ,Forest Recovery Agent and  Secure Storage Server requirements on same Windows Server 2022 Server.

    3. What…

  • domain trusted object

    I was just curious if RMAD has the capability to restore a domain trust account object?

  • virtual lab

    i have dedicated a server in my private network and installed vcenter vconverter 6.0

    but i dont know how to proceed further. how to convert my prod VM's into  my lab network

    is there any step by step article which explains how vlab works 

  • how to export the list of deleted objects from recovery manager for active directory

    We want to export the list of deleted objects from RMAD into a spreadsheet, can someone please advise if posible / how.


  • Error when restoring AD Objects from the web portal.


    Using the recovery manager console, I can successfully restore or undelete any object without issue.

    However, when using the web portal, I receive the following error messages:

    Could not recover object "ObjectName": The request…
  • Error in Recovery Manager for AD

    Hello Experts!

    I just created my registration here with the hope that i will find help on the error below.

    My customer is using Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Version:

    When i try the "Restore AD Objects Online" > "Compare, restore…

  • Manually created firewall rules for restore agent

    I am using RMAD 8.8.1 with Win2K12 R2 DCs.


    Are the firewall rules described in the following KB article still required for agent-based restores to work?


    How to configure the Windows Firewall to allow the restore agent to be deployed (51897)


  • Recovery Manager FE Support for SQL Express 2014 R2

    Hello, have a question from a customer. I know that the Technical Specifications area for RMADFE states that it supports SQL Express 2014. But now that R2 is out.. does Quest support SQL Express 2014 R2? 

    I haven't found anything in the Knowledge Base…

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