The whole cloud migration thing’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? I mean, where do you even begin? Moving to this huge, new, nebulous platform can feel like a monumental undertaking. And you’re probably feeling the pressure to get there, well, yesterday.

But the thing is, it’s okay if you haven’t performed a major cloud migration yet. Because while everyone’s talking about moving data to the cloud, not everyone’s actually doing it yet. At least not completely. So why is the whole talking-not-doing thing okay here?  

Because smart DBAs are strategic DBAs.

And strategies take time to formulate. But if you’re feeling the pressure to stop percolating and start migrating, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the CliffsNotes version of how to achieve cloud success – in three simple steps.

Step one: panic

Sure, it sounds crazy, but suppressing your emotions will get you nowhere. Fear equals procrastination. And let’s be honest, cloud migrations are scary. What if you lose data? What if there’s major downtime? What if you can’t grasp all the new technology you need to learn? What if you screw up so badly you lose your job and can only find work as the back half of a rumpus in the local Centaurs on Ice parade behind a vegan with a proclivity for legumes? The uncertainty can drive you mad!

Speaking of mad

You’re also probably a smidge frustrated this migration means more work for you, and more savings for your company that may or may not be reflected in your jelly-of-the-month-club holiday bonus.

Does it make you want to smash a snow globe?

Head butt your monitor? Oprah scream sing, “It’s not fair!” like you’re the star of an office musical that releases your inner IT angst while simultaneously drawing startled stares and HR complaints from your coworkers? Take a deep breath and set down Karen’s snow globe. It’s not her fault. Nor is it the fault of that innocent cat figurine suspended in a dome of watery dandruff. We get it. Change is hard. But clinging to the past will eventually become harder.

You got this.

Let yourself freak out for a minute. Then move on. With some basic knowledge and the right toolset, you’ll get your head – and your data – in the cloud in no time. Which brings us to steps two and three.

Numero dos: get educated

Everything you need to know about moving your databases to the cloud is available in our popular e-book. We’ve broken down this overwhelming process into easily digestible tips that’ll help you better understand the cloud and perform a successful migration.

Numero tres leches: replicate data  

This is obviously the third and most delicious step in your cloud database migration because it empowers you to have your data and eat it, too. With the right data replication toolset, you can eliminate the risk of downtime and data loss, making your transition to the cloud pretty much stress free.

A good replication solution will help you ensure up-time before, during and after your cloud migration. And there’s one tool set in particular that truly supports your entire journey to the cloud, letting you toss it in your Amazon cart, get it going quickly and migrate all your data to the cloud without affecting performance or interrupting business. Ready for it?

Achieve Cloud Migration Success Today

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