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April 2020


SQL create database automation with ApexSQL Build

Want to create a SQL database from any input and automate builds from source control? Learn about ApexSQL Build. 


Benchmark Factory

Integrate database load testing in your build pipelines

Video tutorial of scripting Benchmark Factory database load, scale, and performance testing using PowerShell, REST API, and Jenkins. 


Database Management Solutions

2020 DBTA Reader's Choice Awards

Voting open for 2020 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards. Vote for Quest Foglight, Spotlight, SharePlex and Toad best database management tools until May 8. 


Monitor DB Performance in Cloud and on Premises While WFH

Database monitoring is how to assure your WFH users of good database performance. Monitor with Foglight for migrations, SQL optimization and reporting. 


Two ways database performance affects #WorkingFromHome [IT and COVID-19]

Feeling the pressure about database performance when your co-workers are WFH? Run benchmarks now and auto-optimize your SQL statements.


Toad Data Point

Data Preparation Made Easy webcast series [Quest Toad Data Point]

Discover ways to navigate data preparation like a wizard. Our webcast series is designed to help you maximize your investment in Toad Data Point. 


Toad for Oracle 

3 reasons to upgrade your Toad® database development solution

Your current Toad for Oracle database development solution has some fantastic features, and it's working well. So should you upgrade to the latest version?


The performance teeter-totter—Toad Turnpike: Real stories from the road

Which SQL statements should you consider to index-tune? Don’t know WHAT or WHERE they are? How can you come up with the best potential for improvement?  


Short-cuts for repeatable actions: Ask Toad [Free Webinar]

Session 1 in our free 2020 Ask Toad database tools tutorials. Join top Toad for Oracle experts in 30-minute lessons, with Q&A. Save time, get more from Toad. 


What is a beta program? Be an influencer. Sign up now.

Toad is an extensive family of industry-leading products empowering you to manage and optimize databases. Join our beta team and help guide our future. 


Database development and management while working from home [IT and Covid-19]

Keep your working-from-home database developers productive. Info on your Toad for Oracle license rights and steps for connecting to remote databases.


March 2020


Want to optimize your workflow and maximize usability?

Need to graphically represent dependencies between objects in your database? Learn how ApexSQL Analyze can optimize the developer’s workflow and maximize usability.


Benchmark Factory

Automate database load testing with Benchmark Factory®

Automate database load testing using Benchmark Factory's REST API using PowerShell. Plus load testing, performance testing, scale testing, regression testing.


Toad Data Point

What's new in Toad Data Point Workbook 5.1.3?

The most noticeable enhancements in this release is the newly redesigned Workbook, drag and drop workflow steps, pivot grids and dimensional views.


Toad for IBM DB2

Top 10 most popular Toad® for IBM DB2 blogs

The 10, all-time most popular Toad for IBM DB2 blog posts on Toad World today. Year after year, month after month and even daily—these posts get the most visits.


Toad for Oracle

Free training: Toad for Oracle Fundamentals

Access this free training course. Automation Designer, Script Manager, Schema Browser, Object Compare, and Query Builder are just a few of the features you'll learn about.


How will you know if the cloud is really saving you money?

Gain not only a clearer picture of how to migrate your Oracle databases to the cloud but also insight into balancing cost and performance.


3 free training courses for Toad® for Oracle developers

Self-paced classes—specifically for database developers—on using key features like: PL/SQL Profiler, SQL Optimizer, PL/SQL Debugger, and Code Tester.


Off-roading, maps, gray hairs—Toad Turnpike: Real stories from the road

Learn how this customer could have saved two man-days of troubleshooting with this one feature of Toad for Oracle.


Three free Toad® for Oracle DBA training classes

Access these free DBA training courses, presented in three, self-paced classes—specifically for database administrators.


Webcasts on DevOps, SQL Server monitoring & tuning

Pinal Dave discusses DevOps, SQL Server performance monitoring & tuning in Monthly Mentor on-demand webcasts from Quest.


Help for database pros working from home

DBAs and developers are measured against speed and quality of work. Learn about tools to stay effective no matter where “work” is located.


Toad for SQL Server

5 SQL Server DB dev tasks DBAs can bet on, cloud or not

Cloud or not, experienced or not—read about 5 SQL Server database development tasks that take away the bane of a DBA’s existence: uncertainty.

February 2020


SQL data compare and sync: 10 blogs to get you started

Learn about a tool that can compare and synchronize SQL Server data between databases and backups—and compare data under script folders and source control projects.


Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment

Webcast: Integrate Your DB Change Management into DevOps

Register to attend this Quest Software and IOUG webcast on February 25. Learn how you can make database changes faster, safer and prevent deployment delays.


Thought Leadership

Quest® and 7 other industry leaders talk data privacy

Read this BetaNews article about the newly enacted California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and how it could renew a focus on data privacy in the United States.


Toad Data Modeler

How to create macro for assign domain to attributes

Step-by-step illustrated directions on how to create a macro and how to assign attributes with data type for the Oracle models. [Tutorial]


Toad Edge

Amazon Redshift queries to run?  2 data-agnostic tools

Why you need tools to help develop queries and execute them against relational databases, multiple database and file types, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift.


Toad for Oracle

Using McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity to design unit tests in Toad for Oracle

Utilize McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity to design utPLSQL unit tests in Toad for Oracle.


Toad® Turnpike: Real Stories from the Road—Tuning makes friends

Read how this Toad for Oracle customer achieved hero-status when she saved her company an $40,000 and reduced a query-run time from 13 hours to 16 minutes.


Move Oracle DBs to AWS? Questions to ask. [Webcast]

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to migrate your Oracle databases to AWS —while mitigating cost and risk so there’s minimal impact to your business.


Predict the future performance of your Oracle databases

Using Spotlight® on Oracle you can predict the future performance of individual SQL statements and use the predictions to lessen future performance issues.


Toad for SQL Server

Top 10 most popular Toad® for SQL Server blogs

The 10, all-time most popular Toad for SQL Server blog posts on Toad World today. Year after year, month after month and even daily—these posts get the most visits.


Toad Intelligence Central

6 new features in Toad Intelligence Central 5.1 [How to]

Learn how 6 new features work in Toad Intelligence Central 5.1. Auto backup, transfer group owner, create user group are just 3 of the 6. Read this how-to.


January 2020


10 blogs to help you ramp up on ApexSQL Diff

ApexSQL tools are built for the Microsoft SQL Server—with you in mind. Need to compare database schemas, review and synch changes? Read how.


Database Management Tools (more than 1 tool mentioned)

What is automated SQL tuning? Time saving DBA tips.

SQL tuning alternative statements generated in hours not days. Alternative rewrites, compared with the original, easily executed side-by-side to prove which is fastest.

Quest® and 23 other thought leaders predict 2020 trends

Software Development Times (SD Times) gathered opinions from 24 thought leaders about where they see the software development industry heading in 2020.

Coffee with Toad [Toad World Annual recap, 96 blogs]

In 2019 Toad World published nearly 100 blogs. You’ll find blogs on our products, thought leadership, cutting edge technology and even a few on Oracle.


Toad Data Modeler

How to save your Data Models into your GIT repository

Need to rollback a change to a database model? Use Toad Data Modeler, plus reverse engineering and learn how to easily pull a model from your GIT repository.


Toad Data Point

Why Toad® Data Point is the perfect replacement for Brio

Still using Brio (Hyperion IR)—which is no longer supported? Created with Brio user input, Toad Data Point is even better.


Toad Edge

Top 10 most popular Toad Edge® blogs

The 10, all-time most popular Toad Edge blog posts on Toad World today. Year after year, month after month and even daily—these posts get the most visits.


Toad for Oracle

Raiders of the “Lost” Toad: Undiscovered Gems- Cameras and Watches

Cameras and Watches are featured in the 2nd blog of this series that helps Quest Software Toad users find those “hidden” gems that will increase productivity.

Quickly Deploy High-Quality Code with utPLSQL [Webcast]

Watch this webcast to learn how to improve code quality entering your CI/CD pipeline with powerful utPLSQL testing, available in every edition of Toad for Oracle.

Toad® for Oracle: Historical and future space usage

Learn how to manage your space usage and predict future needs in your Oracle Databases using Toad for Oracle.


Toad for Oracle – Sensitive Data Protection

CCPA takes effect in 2020: Is your data protected?

Toad for Oracle now lets you identify and safeguard personally identifiable information and sensitive data across your entire database environment.





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