Worried about your next database migration or upgrade? Mm hm. Totally normal. Four out of five DBAs get the stress sweats just thinking about it. The fifth is passed out from dealing with emergency calls all night.

Sh shh shhh. Never wake a sleeping DBA. What are you, the help desk?

Let’s focus on you and your concerns. Bring it in. Let’s whisper chat about that major database project hanging over your head. What’s scaring you most, downtime? Yep, horrifying. Data loss? Terror shimmy all through your bod. Or is it the dreaded combo pack of prolonged downtime coupled with permanent data loss leading to your firing and subsequent foray into the art of tablecloth pulling as your only remaining career option?

Yes. Just as I suspected.

A common phobia. And it is just that: an irrational fear. IF, and only if, you know what you’re doing. Don’t know the steps to simplify your database migration or upgrade? Well then, sure – you’re about to enter a world of hurt.

But wait! What is this?

What do we have here, if not the very steps you need to avoid all the terror and turmoil of a database migration gone awry?

Walk with me.

Watch out for that spill. Looks like some tablecloth pulling gone awry. Step over it and get a gander at this… behold! (We’re looking at a computer monitor now. Maybe your monitor. Maybe I’m perched on your shoulder like the pet parrot of your very dreams – focus!) Because I give you… the most popular e-book in all the land on moving your data to the platform of your choice – without data loss, downtime or stress!

Relax and replicate.

Unwind and upgrade. It’s all possible when you empower yourself with knowledge. What will you know after downloading your free copy of this e-book?

Glad you asked.

You shall learn how to:

  • Avoid all the risks that are keeping you up at night, from long hours to data disasters.
  • Choose a data replication solution that meets all your business needs – at a fraction of the cost of other toolsets.
  • Not only knock this project out of the park, but also hit a homerun when it comes to high availability, disaster recovery, offloading reporting, improving database performance across all your platforms and more!

Wow. That’s like ALL the things.

Sure is. So before you perform your next database migration or upgrade, check out the free e-book. Or else risk spending the rest of your days posting tablecloth-pulling fails on YouTube. It’s sure to be less lucrative. And it comes with risks of its own. That beverage looks hot! And unless you’re doing it in a McDonald’s drive through, you’ll have no one to sue but yourself.

*Mime-style weighing-your-options hands*

Burn nether region at fast food establishment for money? Or read this e-book and have a successful database migration? We recommend the latter. Keep your job. Get the e-book.

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