May 4th is International Firefighters’ Day, a day when we recognize past and present heroes for protecting the property and lives of others. And while no DBA among us would equate our work in our cozy cubes to that of the brave men and women battling blazes and risking their lives, the fires we fight on a daily basis are often important to the livelihood of those who rely on our IT services working.

Data availability is critical.

DBAs are needed at all organizations, from government- and first-response agencies to utility- and infrastructure organizations. Whether we work for a company whose offerings can mean the difference between life and death, or a company whose purpose is less immediately critical to human survival, our talent and time help ensure data availability, which we all know is the lifeblood of any organization.

Feeling the heat

So there is pressure on us, often intense pressure, to keep our databases running smoothly. Without our ability to do that, to monitor and ward off threats and proactively resolve emerging issues, disaster can occur. When database performance suffers, so do productivity and profitability, which ultimately affects everyone’s job security where we work. And, of course, depending on what kind of organizations we work for, the stakes can be even higher. 

The importance of timely information cannot be overstated.   

Where firefighters rely on alarms, 24x7 monitoring in the form of smoke detectors, tools like water cannons and a line of backup defense, DBAs also need time-sensitive alerts, nonstop monitoring, powerful tools and reliable assistance. Like a first responder, you need all the relevant details required to resolve problems: what went wrong, when it occurred, where the issue is, who’s being affected. You get all that and more with Foglight®, so you can work proactively, preventing fires and ensuring peak database performance.

Organizations rely on DBAs. Good DBAs rely on Foglight.

Let’s take a moment to honor the courageous souls who’ve risked everything to save those in harm’s way. And let’s learn from their example, working hard, using immediate alerts and acting quickly, armed with the right information and plan, when our assistance is needed.

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