Don’t read this or do what it says (just kidding, totally do what it says)

In an election year, it’s tempting to talk about the importance of voting, how every vote matters and how every voice should be heard. And, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, it’s also tempting to mention that there’s an important election coming up where you can still participate fully from the comfort of your living room. We’re also tempted to tell you that our job as marketers might very well be on the line if you don’t vote.

As tempting as these things are, we’re not going say any of them.

In fact, we are absolutely not going to tell you that voting is open until May 8 for the 2020 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards. And that Quest products have been nominated in 11 categories of best database management tools.

Specifically, we are not going to ask you to please vote for Quest products like SharePlex®, Toad®, Foglight® and Spotlight® in these particular categories:

  • Best Cloud Solution - Spotlight Cloud
  • Best Data Analytics Solution - Toad Data Point Professional
  • Best Data Integration Solution - SharePlex
  • Best Data Modeling Solution - Toad Data Modeler
  • Best Data Quality Solution - Toad Data Point Professional
  • Best Data Replication Solution - SharePlex
  • Best Database Backup Solution - LiteSpeed for SQL Server
  • Best Database Development Solution - Toad Development Suite for Oracle
  • Best Database Performance Solution - Foglight for Databases
  • Best DBA Solution - Toad DBA Suite & Toad for Oracle DBA Edition
  • Best Streaming Solution - SharePlex

Now that we know that you know what we didn’t want you to know, you can go ahead and do what we asked you not to do but wanted you to do anyway.

And that is, vote for Quest products in the 2020 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards.


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