More importantly, do you know how safe it is?  When was the last time you tested your backup, HA and DR solutions?

Your backup is only as good as your last restore

Before I joined Quest almost 7 years ago, I worked for a large US bank.  Of course, we had backups, and our Oracle databases were "protected" by Oracle DataGuard and RAC.   We also had auditors and regulators, both internal and external,  who "kept us honest".  We had to demonstrate that our backups were "good" by performing restores on a regular basis.   However, backups are only the first step if you want to be your business is not interrupted by things like power failures, fires or act of nature.

Replication - the next step in HA and DR

Once you're sure your backups are recoverable, it's time to consider the need for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.   At the bank, in addition to proving to our regulators that we could recover data from backups; we also had to demonstrate that we could quickly recover from local system failures (High Availability) and from more widespread events (Disaster Recovery).   That's where SharePlex came in - we used SharePlex to replicate some of our critical databases between two data centers located in different parts of the county and actually moved our processing from one to the other once every quarter.

For more information how you can use SharePlex to protect your business, see my blog series on High Availability and Disaster Recovery, starting here.  

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