Now that SAP has announced that the latest release of their ERP Software (S4) will support only their Hana database, customers are facing time-consuming data migrations to move their data from Oracle to HanaSharePlex can help!

While there are many steps in migrating an application as complex as SAP ERP, one of the most time-consuming, and frustrating for users, is the migration of the actual data from a source Oracle database to the new Hana database. 

Without SharePlex, the application would need to to be taken offline while a "consistent copy" of the data was created, and that copy instantiated in a Hana database.  Only then would the users be able to access the new database; and if something were to go wrong, the entire process would have to be repeated.

WITH SharePlex, you can use Oracle tools (such as RMAN) to take a consistent copy of your Oracle database, WHILE your users are still accessing the old system.  Then, using SharePlex's replication technology, you can replicate changes from your Oracle database to the new Hana database, keeping the old and new in perfect synchronization.

You can allow users to access the new system to perform verification testing, all the while using the old system to keep your business running.    You can also use TOAD DataPoint to be sure that the two systems remain synchronized, and extract data for comparisons or reporting.   When you're finally ready to migrate, the migration itself is just a matter of shifting your users to the new application.

Watch this 5 minute video to see how easy it is to set up migration from an Oracle database to a Hana database.

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