Do you have a project to move an existing Oracle database to "The Cloud"?

Successfully moving an existing on-premise or non-cloud hosted database to a cloud environment requires careful consideration and planning.   Cost, security and access models that worked in your on-premise environment may not be suitable for your new cloud environment.   Different cloud service and deployment models may require different approaches.  Just as in choosing a home, or a place for your office; it's all about location.

A public cloud, directly accessible from the Internet may not be an appropriate choice for an Electronic Medical Records application.   A private cloud, with servers located on-premise, may be overkill for a development and test lab.    How can you move a 2 petabyte database from your data center to a hosted cloud environment without days or weeks of downtime?  Once you have your large database "in the cloud" how can you ensure rapid and secure access for all authorized users?

Fortunately, you're not alone.    At Quest, we have tools that will help you Manage, Monitor and Move your data as you journey to the cloud.  In this series of blogs, I'll show you how you can use SharePlex, our award-winning database replication tool, to help you move your data to the cloud with little to no downtime and minimal risk.   The first will be an overview of how SharePlex helps address common challenges moving to the cloud and then I'll discuss specifics appropriate to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.  In the meantime, you can get started by downloading my whitepaper Location Matters: Considerations for moving to the cloud

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