Whether you’re a SAP database developer or DBA, work is a grind without great tools. If you have the base edition of Toad® for SAP Solutions, you’re on the right track. But what if your work could be even easier? What if you could save even more time, eliminate more risk and put an end to your biggest SAP struggles?

You’re in luck.

Because it turns out, you can do all that, and a whole lot more, with the top seven functionalities for SAP that will simplify your work and improve SAP database performance.  

Seven secrets to SAP success

Which capabilities do you need? For starters, a wealth of functionality when it comes to SQL optimization. By upgrading to the Toad for SAP Solutions Xpert Edition, the Developer Edition or the DBA Edition, you can:

  • Quickly optimize SQL statements using patented, automated rewriting technology.
  • Report and rank potentially slowly performing SQL with the SQL scanner.
  • Analyze the use and impact of indexes in the database.

Know more, stress less

You’ll get helpful data to make your work easier through the index usage analyzer and the index impact analyzer. If knowledge is power, you’re about to rule your SQL universe. With the invaluable insights you’ll gain from these special editions of Toad for SAP, you’ll effortlessly optimize your code.

And the advanced features keep coming.

The DBA Edition provides even more functionality. Building on the SQL optimization capabilities in the Xpert Edition and Developer Edition, the DBA Edition also makes it simple to:

  • Perform real-time database diagnostics to pinpoint performance bottlenecks (ASE).
  • Performance test your databases to ensure production scalability (ASE).
  • Create, reverse engineer and maintain data models for your ASE, IQ and SA environments.
  • Compare and synchronize database schemas (ASE, IQ and SA)

Experience the difference.

Ready to achieve even more success with SAP? Check out this feature matrix and the datasheet to find the special edition of Toad for SAP Solutions that’s right for you.

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