In a previous blog I covered how you can use SharePlex and Toad for Oracle together to:

  • replicate your data and
  • validate the data has been moved properly.

I showed this by using Toad to generate data for the SharePlex sample tables, demo_src and demo_dest.

In this blog I am going to expand on this and show you how you can use Toad to create a table on the source system, populate it with data as part of that creation process, and then have SharePlex replicate these steps in near realtime on the target system.

I will be using my POC environment for this testing. 

Using Toad I am going to create a new table on my source system, populate it with ‘generated’ data and have SharePlex replicate everything to my target system.  Right now I only have the two original tables I started with.

Using the table creation wizard (under the red arrow shown below) I can build a table from scratch and define all of its attributes.  

I am building a table named Newsourcetest with 3 columns and a different datatype for each column.

Now that I have defined the structure I want to insert some random data into the table as part of the creation process. To do this you need to check the box in the upper right that say’s “Display advanced features”.

Enabling that check box gives you more tabs as seen below.  One of the tabs is “Generate Data”.  I set this to generate 1000 records (the default).

Now you can click the OK button in the lower right (which I cut out of the screen shot).  The wizard will run and you will see a new table and the sample data that was generated.

In the above screen shot you see a “Show SQL’ button.  Below you will see the SQL that was created:

Above is the table creation script and below is the data generation portion of the script.

Running this script will create the table on the source system and with the proper replication flags set it will automatically create the same table, and data, on the target.

This is the new table on my source system:

And this is the new table on my target system:

And just like magic you now have the new table and data created on the source system that you created with Toad and you have that same table and data on the target system, replicated by SharePlex.

Using this process you can save a lot of time testing the replication of new objects created in your source system as you move forward in your SharePlex POC.


Hopefully this blog will help you understand how SharePlex and Toad work as partners when it comes to data generation and replication.

You can get more information about Toad for Oracle and SharePlex, and all of the tools in the Quest family by visiting us at .

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