Spotlight offers a variety of performance health metrics with diagnostic drilldown screens for each problematic area of your server. Each drilldown screen provides detail data to help you diagnose and isolate application problems. Spotlight provides the users the capability to customize the frequency of data collection in addition to the option of storing historical date in Spotlight’s Repository database.

In order to configure Spotlight collection, the user can utilize the Scheduling feature to view and customize each collection setting.  The navigation begins from the Spotlight Client home page and then proceed by:

  1. Click Configure | Scheduling icon located on the ribbon bar.
  2. Select a template or connection name to configure.
  3. Select a collection name to modify the collection schedule.

Each collection name correlates to the data in one or more diagnostic drilldown. For example, the collections responsible for the SQL Activity drilldown are listed below:

SQL Activity Drilldown Collection Names


Collection Name



Full Session List


Sessions | SQL

Session Details

Non configurable    

Sessions | Session Trace

Session Trace

Non configurable

Sessions | Session Locks

Locks List


Summary | Access Methods charts

Access Methods


Summary | CPU Utilization (SQL Server)     

SQL CPU Percent



Locks List


Locks | Locks Types charts

Lock Statistics


Locks | Latches chart

Latches Locks



Decode Wait Resource

Non configurable


Blocking List



Deadlock List


I/O by File

Virtual File Statistics


Custom Counters

Custom Counters - SQL Server


Query Execution Statistics




For a full list collections of all drilldowns see the following Help pages:

SQL Server Collections
Windows Collections
VMware Collections
SQL Azure Collections

 Download a free trial edition of Spotlight from here.

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