Data management at a financial company is no joke. With close friends in IT at one of the biggest bond-trading firms, I hear horror stories that inspire serious DBA sympathy. Traders and executives have little patience for slow database performance, downtime and data loss. And while the tendency to lash out at DBAs and developers may not be understandable, their underlying concerns are.

The pressure is intense.

From astronomical compliance fines to lost financial opportunities, not to mention a company’s reputation, which is everything, those who make their living in finance simply can’t operate well unless their databases do, too.

So how can you keep up?

You’re already burdened with massive data growth, DevOps initiatives, new technologies and growing user demand. Adding the stress of your next big Oracle database migration or upgrade on top of it all probably feels unfathomable. But what if you could use a single toolset to not only improve database performance before your upcoming project, but also during and after?

Sounds good, right?

With the right data replication solution, you can easily move data from Oracle to Oracle for a variety of business purposes – from offloading reporting to accelerate database performance to migrating or upgrading your databases. And the best part is, you can do it all, drumroll, please, with zero downtime and zero data loss. If that doesn’t ease your mind, nothing will.

What about budget?

Sure, getting new tools is about as easy as getting a trader to give up caffeine. Unless, of course, the toolset in question offers way more functionality than you’re getting with your native tools – at a fraction of the cost. Oh, and that extra functionality? It’s what you need to better protect that critical financial data. No add ons. No management packs. No hidden fees. No holes in your disaster recovery strategy.

It’s the secret among successful DBAs in the finance industry.

It’s one thing for me to tell you about the success I’ve seen other DBAs achieve with this approach; it’s another for you to see for yourself. In this video, you’ll hear how the right data replication strategy changed the game for one of your peers. You can also read up on how it helps other financial companies protect data.

What have you got to lose?

Why not check it out? You’re under a ton of pressure. You deserve a solution that’ll help you keep your data and your cool. Move it, don’t lose it, with SharePlex® data replication.

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