One of my favorite quotes from Star Trek is Scotty's comment about the new Enterprise in Star Trek III:

"The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain".

if you're responsible for IT plumbing, and your job looks like this

Quest can help. SharePlex, with multiple use cases for one product, provides a number of tools to improve the interfaces between your databases and other applications. 

Uses for SharePlex

Here are the basic use cases for SharePlex


High Availability and Disaster Recovery, with Reporting

Consider High Availabilty/Disaster Recovery and Operational Reporting/Archiving..   Perhaps today you have one solution for High Availability, another for Disaster Recovery.   As we did at a major financial institution where I was the DBA Manager, you can replace all of those with SharePlex.   We used SharePlex to replicate our Oracle database from one data center to another and then used that second database, which was available read/write, to offload reporting from our primary OLTP database.  And, every quarter, we "failed over" from one data center to the other, to prove to regulators that our DR strategy worked.  And don't just take my word on this, watch this video from a satisfied customer.

Data Integration/Data Warehousing

Maybe you have a Data Warehouse, and you're doing some "Extract/Transform/Load" processing to move data from your OLTP database(s).  Do you have more than one database you're reading?   Are your users complaining about "stale" data?  Do your OLTP users complain about performance when the extract runs?   SharePlex can help you solve all of these problems. Here's a link to a blog that describes how a customer used SharePlex solve all of these problems.

Leaky Data - How to be sure your data's the same in all places

If you're already using a replication solution and have issues with data not being the same on your source and target; the SharePlex Compare and Repair functionality. included as part of the base product, can help ensure that your databases are identical.

Keep Your Auditors Happy, and Your Databases Performing, with Change History/MetaData Repository

If you're subject to Sarbanes-Oxley, or other regulations that require regular visits from auditors, or you need to know "who changed what, and when"; you;'re probably familiar with database audit tables.   Managing those tables for multiple databases can be a nightmare, and it can definitely impact the performance of your critical production databases.   Using SharePlex, you can capture changes from multiple databases and consolidate those changes into a single database.    Then let your auditors query the audit database as they wish.  The best part of this is that since SharePlex reads the redo logs to get the changes, you're sure to see them all, with almost no performance impact to your production database.

Migrate your databases to the cloud, with almost no downtime

Many of our customers are considering moving at least some of their databases into the cloud.   If you're looking at AWS or Azure, we've got you covered, from Infrastructure as a Service to Database as a Service.  In a traditional migration, you'd need to take down your production database,  create a copy of your data, move that copy to the cloud and then connect your users. All that downtime makes for unhappy users.  With SharePlex, you can mitigate or eliminate that downtime by keeping your users online while you copy and move the data, using SharePlex to capture the changes that occur during that time.  Here's a blog with additional information on how you can make this work in your environment.

SharePlex - the Database Replication Multi-Tool

I've covered just a few use cases in this blog.  As you can see from the diagram, when  it comes to replication with SharePlex, the only real limit is your imagination.  For more information or to request a free trial, click here,

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