Heard all that doom and gloom about the future of DBAs? I’ve heard it, too. But you know what? Great DBAs like us aren’t the kind to go down without a fight.

When database zombies crawl out from unseen corners of our databases, you know we’ll find a way to adapt, reanimate and thrive in the new DBA world.

Because when it comes to IT roles, we DBAs are the bad a$$es of the bunch. Just how bad a$$ are you? See which type of DBA matches your personality.

Dave DBA Zombie –The rock star of database administration. You’re out in front, taking center stage, never shying away from problems. With your headphones blasting, you roll with anything that comes your way. Late night calls don’t faze you; you’re up anyway, no stranger to all-nighters. And you’re pretty sure some of your nerdier colleagues find your confidence and style intimidating.

Frankenstein DBA – You’re a superhuman database administrator who takes pride in being weird. Letting your freak flag fly, you stomp all over any database performance problems that come your way. And while others may not always understand you, deep down, you have a big heart and a passion for what you do.  

Rick Grimes DBA – You’re a natural leader, but you’re also comfortable working as a lone wolf. Your strength, morality and commitment to fighting for what you believe in set you apart from the pack. And no matter what obstacles come your way, you never back down. You’re always on alert, outsmarting even the scariest threats.  

To learn more about surviving when the  DBA monsters emerge, check out this on-demand webcast. I loved it. Learned a lot. You’ll see how to survive when things get scary and prepare for the future, so you can do your best in any situation.

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