Voting is underway for the 2018 People's Choice Stevie® Awards and this is a shameless plug to drum up support for some of Quest products that we’ve been pouring our blood, sweat and tears into for the past year. Since the Stevie Awards is a community-driven selection process, our team relies on you guys and gals (our community) to help gauge how we are investing our time and resources into key products. That being said, below is a quick run-down of the products that are up for awards and a link to where you can give them a thumbs up.


  1. Go to this link >>
  2. Enter the short code OR select the category and product from the listings (see table below)
  3. Click Submit/Vote Now!
  4. High-five yourself for us!

[Side note] Voting is unlimited and open through June 1, sooooo we’ll take as many thumbs as you might be willing to give us :) 

And as always, thank you for the continuous support! 

Short Code Category Quest Product
S469T Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution Enterprise Reporter Suite
R209N Cloud Storage and Backup Solution On Demand Recovery for Azure Active Directory
H387I Cloud Application/Service Quest On Demand
L643K Integrated Solution IT Security Search
X147Z Other Change Auditor
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