Printer Deployment, Not following Logic

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I have been working with deploying out printer within our org for the past week or so. I have created all the printers in desktop authority and they are assigned by Computer OU. I have one printer that will not follow the logic, It is set to only be pushed to computers in the /Administrators OU yet on a computer in our /XPS OU the printer keeps showing up. I have enabled the general setting where it disconnects all network printers before assigning new ones, per the request of quest support. But this will not remove printers that were pushed by DA. My question is is there a way to get rid of all network printers before DA assigns new ones. Please me know what info would be helpful in trying to solve this. I appreciate any help i can get, Thank you again.

  • I have now added a extra printer object to remove the device and the log says it has been removed but the printer is still on the machine. " [BBA User Profile 11/11 - 1dfc6717-a1a5-46b3-b417-12b6c1d57f68]
    10:35:45 Removing printer: \\TLIAD2012\Executive Director's Printer [BBA User Profile 11/11 - 1dfc6717-a1a5-46b3-b417-12b6c1d57f68]"
  • Struggling to understand.
    You have a printer that is installing where you don't expect it to?
    You have an existing printer that won't delete?
    is this everywhere or just one computer
  • Desktop Authority (DA) configures printers at one time after it receives all the commands. It compiles a list of jobs, drops any duplicates and printer removals if the printer is also being added, then adds/removes printers. In some cases this may not deliver the results you were after.

    In addition to how Desktop Authority maps a printer, if you change a driver on a print share and want to update it on the client machine, removing and adding the printer back still may not have the desired results. In some cases where the currently mapped printer with the old driver gets removed and added again the old print driver may remain on the machine and is used when the printer is mapped again. In these cases if you remove the printer mapping and then reboot the machine, it will then add the printer using the new driver. Currently, there is no built-in option or setting in DA to remove a printer from a client machine, reboot the machine, then map the new printer with the updated driver. 

    However there is a windows command you can use to delete all network printers. We have seen good results using this command and suggest giving it a try. As always its best to test this on one machine before pushing it out to every user to make sure you get the desired results. This will be configured using the Application Launcher object.


    Filespec:         Wmic.exe
    Arguments:     printer where "Local='FALSE'" delete

    Set Validation Logic to: Timing and Events | Frequency | Set the Frequency drop down to "One Time (User)"

    Note: If running this command at logon doesn’t have the desired results then the old driver may be being held by Windows. In that case, instead try using Validation Logic of "Logoff" and as long as the user restarts the machine it should then achieve the desired results.

    Also note that we are in the process of adding this feature directly to an upcoming build of Desktop Authority.



  • When is this feature becoming available? We're having a nightmare trying to manage Xerox Global drivers & simply want to install updated drivers on current printer shares & removing / re-adding is very sporadic & does not hold settings.
  • This issue is slated to be resolved in the next release. Although, as with any fix or new feature, its subject to change until the testing processes finish.

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  • We still have this situation. And currently, there is no built-in option or setting in DA to remove a printer from a client machine, reboot the machine, then map the new printer with the updated driver. We are using the workaround above while we get this resolved. 

  • To ensure that all network printers are removed before DA assigns new ones, you mentioned enabling the general setting to disconnect all network printers. However, this setting doesn't remove printers that were pushed by DA. You are seeking a solution to remove all network printers, including those pushed by DA, before the new assignments take place.

    To troubleshoot this issue, here are a few suggestions:

    1. Verify the OU configuration: Double-check the OU assignment for the problematic printer within DA. Ensure that it is set to be pushed only to computers in the /Administrators OU and not the /XPS OU.

    2. Check printer deployment rules: Review the printer deployment rules in DA to ensure that there are no conflicts or additional rules that might be causing the printer to be assigned incorrectly gaminguider. Make sure that the printer in question is not inadvertently included in a rule that applies to the /XPS OU.

    3. Confirm printer removal settings: Check the settings within DA related to printer removal. Ensure that the option to remove network printers is enabled and that it applies to all printers pushed by DA, regardless of their source.

    4. Test on a specific computer: Select a specific computer in the /XPS OU and test the printer deployment to see if the issue persists. Monitor the deployment process closely to identify any specific errors or inconsistencies.

    5. Review documentation and contact support: Consult the documentation or user guides for Desktop Authority to see if there are any specific instructions or recommendations for handling printer removal and deployment. If the issue persists, reach out to the support team for Desktop Authority for further assistance and guidance.

    Providing additional information about your printer deployment setup, any error messages encountered, or specific configurations within DA may help in providing a more targeted solution.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. Please review our knowledge article called How to remove All the local printers installed on a User Machine, link: you can try this option to remove all the local printers and change the arguments to wmic printer where "Local='FALSE'" delete to remove all remote printers. Normally KACE Desktop Authority will remove the printers pushed using KDA, but sometimes something is corrupted and the printers are not removed even when you try to do it manually. Please remember that KDA is a logon script and everything is done by the Operating System using the pertinent Microsoft API.