• How does CPU affect gaming?

    How does the CPU have an effect on gaming? The GPU has to calculate how the sport must react to matters that occur in the sport among everybody this is drawn with the aid of using the GPU.

  • Foglight For Virtualization Alert capability

    Hi all,

    I have the following metrics to be monitored in Foglight. Please let me know the right metrics to select in Foglight.

    1. VM Disk Consolidation Needed Alarm

    2. Network connectivity Lost 

    3. Lost Storage Path Redundancy

    4. Network Uplink redundancy…

  • Shared dashboard and UTC time zone

    Hello all,

    Wondering if anyone has run into this before. I have a couple of custom VMware performance dashboards that I share via URL to other teams. When I build the dashboards in Fog light they display the correct time set to our time zone. However…

  • Create log graph alert

    Good afternoon everyone I am new to the tool and I request your support since I need to create an alert based on a log graph, what I occupy is to alert when the graph indicates zero value, is this possible?
  • Failed to enable storage cartridges in Foglight fot virtualization


    Could anyone tell me what is missing or have to be upgraded first ? I have upgraded our Foglight for Virtualizarion EE to newest version and storage patches after that, but after doing that I can't enable some cartridges (newest version or older versions…

  • Needed guidance on How to create a function to apply it to a Row-Oriented Table


    could somebody give me a hint on How to create a function to apply it to a Row-Oriented Table, so it takes as an input the values of the rows of one column and then the output is binded to equivalent rows in another column?

    I am unable to do this…

  • UEFI firware setting


    I have question regarding UEFI firware setting, i am using Dell  Inspiron 15R 5537, yesterday i updated window 10. i am using Kespersky internet security -SAFE MONEY- for my online purchasing, but suddenly it give me error.  

  • Welcome to the New Foglight for Virtualization and Storage Forum!

    You're at the new Foglight for Virtualization and Storage Community Forum! Got a question or a thought to share with others? Post it here! And if you have a question on the old site that we haven't answered, post it again here. We’re working on bringing…

  • Write IO size for datastore using derived metrics

    I need help to calculate Total latency for datastores with below formula.

    latency/ceil(IO size/32KB))

    Is there a way to calculate write IO size for datastore using derived metrics? I see this metric is not available at the moment in vFoglight.


  • What should I do? My Dell laptop is Heating Frequently

    My dell laptop is heating frequently. Whenever I run the programs the, it starts giving hot air and body becomes hot. I am afraid of part failure. I run some heavy program on it like Camtesia and other few programs at the same time. Is the reason of heating…

  • Creating a report from Service Builder

    How do I create a Report from a Newly created Service under Service builder for two VMs and report on their CPU, Memory and Drive size for the past month ?

    I seem to have the Service completed but when I choose report  at the Top right and change the date…

  • High CPU on FMS after v8.5 Upgrade

    I recently upgraded Foglight VEE to v8.5 from v8.3 and it seems that around 2am or so, the cpu gets pegged at 100% and stays there.  I have tried restarting the agent manager, but that did not help.  The only way to "fix" it, is to Shutdown the FMS and…

  • Why do i have to manage VMware? a new blog from Quest


    "Why do I have to manage virtualization?”you ask yourself. “After all, I put all that effort into virtualizing our environment so that I could manage less: less hardware, less storage and less physical infrastructure. I want all my virtualization…

  • Disk Space VDI on Hyper-v


    we are running vWorkspace VDI on top of Hyper-v hosts, I would like to run a daily/weekly reports that will provide me full dashboard of all the VMs are having less disk space. 

    can anyone help please?


  • How to read a text file (log) from a VMware VM with Windows OS monitoring, then take action when a word/phrase is written by a custom software ?

    the situation is like this.

    I have 1 VM with OS monitoring enabled with a specific (custom) service (sidsrv.exe) running on it.

    Attached to this VM, there is a USB HASP dongle (which is licensing a program), attached via USB anywhere 14 hardware from…

  • VMWarePerformance - Storage Cartridge must be loaded before enabling storage collection


    I'm facing some difficulties in utilizing the Foglight to monitor my VMWare Environment.. When I try to enable the storage collection while I'm adding the vCenter server, I'm getting an error (Storage Cartridge Must be loaded before enabling storage…

  • How performance craters when defective power supplies, power throttling and BIOS settings intersect!

    Attempting to share a PDF...

    OK there's a 1024KB file size limit! WHAT? come on guys... raise that please!

    Please note that the results documented within the PDF may not only be caused by a defective PSU! 

    The PSU power capping / throttling settings, which…

  • NEW: Two version of vAPP available for FVE 8.5.5/FSM4.4

    The Foglight-FVE-FSM-vApp provides two installers that allow you to select the appropriate version, as needed:

    • Foglight-FVE-FSM-vApp-large: install this version if there are less than 3000 virtual machines deployed in your environment.
    • Foglight…

  • Failed - Credentials are missing



    I'm testing the foglight enterprise and in optimization gives an error "Failed  - Credentials are missing".

    I create a lockbox and then a credential domain, username, password (windows) but the error stays.

    I have shore that this is…

  • VMW Datastore Estimated Fill Time rule modification to filter on specific storage DRS groups?

    I need to be able to stop the "VMW Datastore Estimated Fill Time" alert from happening on 10 datastores that are part of a specific storage DRS group.  The alerts on these datastores are irrelevant.  How do I modify this rule to exclude or just…

  • Start service linux foglight

    I download the linux version to test and it works for 3 days. How can I start the service on linux? Anyone know? Thanks

  • optimize storage



    When I tried to optimize storage of any vm it gives an error: Failed  - [Unable to find free space to backup virtual disk(s) on Disk 2 (raid 6 - 2T) datastore. Free space 337233575936, required 2823940997120].

    At this moment I have on that storage…

  • Foglight REST APIs blogs, just in case you missed it ( for Foglight and FVE 8.5.5)

  • Enterprise Vault Tasks Monitoring



    I wasn't sure if this was the right area, but does foglight offer anything for monitoring Enterprise Vault Tasks? 

    These tasks are not windows services, but rather tasks within EV own program. I believe the answer is no, but just wanted to check…

  • How can i access to the historical monitoring (3 months ago) of a virtual server that i had to copy (snapshot), delete and reinstall in a new virtual server with the same hostname and ip?


    I have a problem with Foglight. How can i access to the historical monitoring (3 months ago) of a virtual server that i had to copy (snapshot), delete and reinstall in a new virtual server with the same hostname and ip?

    I have Foglight 5.7.1