Can't use "Litespeed for SQL" with Dell DR4100

I want to use Litespeed for SQL with Dell DR4100

but i can't backup to DR4100

error Directory '\\' could not be created

but  i can backup to normal windows CIFS share

Please share your experience,

if you ever used litespeed with DR4100 before 

Thank you everyone

  • You should be able to create a CIFS share on the DR and use that from LiteSpeed. That's how we tested and certified the DR with LiteSpeed. If you've created the CIFS share, usually they would sow up as a fully qualified name (instead of an IP address). Can you check the DR and let us know what the CIFS share name is?



  • Dear David

    thank you for your answer

    i can access DR4100 CIFS Share by fully name

    Thank you