Failed to mount the VM volumes

Hi. I have NVBU server on phisical platform. Also, I have vmware 2.2 plugin. I can't backup any VM, when I check VM and click to mount it, I saw in vSphere, that plugin makes snapshot and then snapshot deleting. After that I have next errors:

  • Failed to mount the VM volumes
  • Failed to open the VM disk set

Transport mode is ndb.

Two logs attached

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  • i have the same probleme ,

    have you find a solution ?

  • I have seen this before, but I don’t recall exactly what I did.

    The error in question would be :

    VDDK :06132 52 0 103814 VDDK error message is 'You do not have access rights to this file'

    I would check the following:

    Check for other snapshots on the VM

    Check permissions

    Try to reset the password being used if all the permission and accounts look good that you are using.

    If you log into the vcenter with the same account can you preform the snapshot and removal of the snapshot?

  • Yes I found solution.

    The vstorage API creates temporary folders under c:\windows\temp in order to perform backup. The name of the folder is generated using the credential of the process starting the operation.The process initiating this operation and is started with the "local system" account resulting in a "vmware-system" temporary folder. On a Russian system, this account is incorrectly translated to “vmware-системД.

    I have this problem only on non-english OS. I have russian. You must reassign user on your nvbu service. You should use ONLY english characters on yours user and have admin permissions. After that restart nvbu service. It's vmware bug.

    There is a VMware solution document which addresses a similar issue for French but this will have to be reported to Vmware:

    KB 1037379 discusses a similar issue.( )