Introducing the New NetVault Backup Beta Program for EMC DD Boost

Introducing the New NetVault Backup Beta Program for EMC DD Boost

Earlier this year we added EMC DD Boost support to vRanger and became an EMC DD Boost Elite partner. We are now in the process of adding EMC DD Boost support to Netvault Backup. NetVault Backup and EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems deliver a backup and recovery solution that is extremely simple to set up and use. Data Domain systems reduce backup storage requirements by an average of 10 to 30x. Advanced integration via EMC Data Domain Boost software significantly increases backup performance while greatly reducing the amount of backup data transferred over the network, thus reducing the backup window.

Key Benefits of NetVault Backup with EMC DD Boost integration include

EMC Data Domain Stream-Informed Segment Layout (SISL™) scaling architecture: Optimizes deduplication throughput scalability and minimizes disk footprint by minimizing disk accesses. System throughput is CPU-centric, not “spindle bound.” Inline deduplication throughput speeds leverage the continued advancement in CPU performance. SISL technology first identifies 99 percent of duplicate, variable-length data segments in RAM, inline, before storing to disk. Then it stores related segments and fingerprints together, so large groups can be read at once. EMC Data Domain systems can use the capacity of large SATA disks for data protection and—without increasing RAM—minimize the number of disks needed to deliver high throughput.

EMC Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture: Advanced data verification and data integrity, including RAID 6 protection. Inline write and read verification, continuous fault detection, and self-healing ensure that backup and archive data is accurately stored, available, and recoverable throughout the data lifecycle. The no-overwrite, log-structured architecture of the EMC Data Domain filesystem, with insistence on full-stripe writes, ensures that old backups are always safe even after software errors during new backups. Meanwhile, a simple and robust implementation reduces the chance of software errors in the first place.

EMC Data Domain Global Compression: Combines an exceptionally efficient, high-performance, inline deduplication technology with a local compression technique. The deduplication technology reduces data down to its raw essentials by pooling redundant patterns within a file, across files, and even within a block, only storing unique data segments. Local compression scans the unique data sequence across a local small window of comparison like a tape drive.

Key Features include

  • Device Management: Easy to identify and add EMC servers to Netvault’s existing Device Management functionality.
  • Integrated Functionality: Once EMC servers are added into Device Management. Backups and Restores to Data Domain through DD Boost will function like all other Netvault Backup supported media techniques.
  • Works with Existing Configurations: Netvault jobs written to Data Domain via DD Boost can be integrated into existing backup jobs and backup polices.
  • Quick Time to Value: Netvault Backup seamlessly integrates with Data Domain Boost over an optimized connection, providing the administrator with a seamless, easy setup.
  • Significantly Faster Backups: DD Boost works with Netvault Backup to provide dramatically faster backup throughput with reduced backup server overhead and reduced network bandwidth consumption.
  • Network-Efficient Replication of Backup Data: Data Domain systems replicate only the unique data segments from Netvault backups to remote Data Domain systems.
  • Cataloging / Indexing of backups: Netvault Backup indexes all data into a catalog when backups are run. The catalog provides a simple and fast way to browse and search for file-level recovery across all Data Domain systems.

The beta program is starting soon. If you are currently an EMC Data Domain customer and are interested in the DD Boost functionality, we invite you to join our Beta!

To participate in the Netvault Backup / EMC Data Domain DD Boost beta program click on the link below and enter your information. Once accepted you will receive a conformation email with additional information along with links to Netvault Backup beta download site..