Automation is cool! Repetition is not!

"Repetition is the sign of a weak mind and I tell people that over and over and over …….." 

Repetitive processes can be a time consuming job and automating these processes and tasks is not always a simple effort.  Whether automating tasks in a Dev Ops environment or more commonly just automating day to day job requirements such as reporting, data pulls, data cleansing and emailing reports can be a laborious process and the bane of many an IT professional or Analyst. Toad Data Point has a very easy to use and powerful Automation Utility that quickly and easily can address many of your automation requirements without the big expense of a custom automation solution or the need to learn a complex tool or application.

Businesses today aren’t the same as they’ve been in the past—we are seeing operations and business processes today that are more complex, time sensitive and require more attention than we have ever seen before. IT and Business demands have increased immensely, and it will remain this way in order to stay up with the ever growing demands of frequent reporting requirements, the demands of big data, ongoing business and IT innovation, and the constant need for more reporting, documentation, data prep, training, and data security. This is where Toad Data Point (TDP) can help focus on simplifying business intelligence data sources and increase the reliability and predictability of your current processes.  Toad Data Point can connect s to many different data sources, such as relational databases, file data sources, non-relational and allows the user to work in one place to access, modify, report and automate these tasks from one easy to use software tool.

TDP’s automation utility with its comprehensive drag and drop tool box makes it very easy to graphically create simple to very powerful Automation scripts that can be scheduled, run manually and reused again and again.  TDP along with Toad Intelligence Central Automation scripts, reports and data pulls can be automated quickly and reliably and shared among the proper users.  Toad Data Point’s automation toolbox consists of three powerful task groups, Database Actions, File Activities and System Activities. No matter whether you are a seasoned IT professional or a non-technical analyst you can quickly automate redundant tasks, schedule and manage complex tasks with a simplicity that is hard to believe!!

Download a Toad Data Point free trial today or let Quest demo how simple, easy and powerful automation can be to no longer dread repetitive tasks again!!!!