Does your PL/SQL code meet, and exceed, your company's best practice standards for performance, maintainability, and reliability?

When I was working as a developer I was working with different companies and each one had their own rules/best practices about the pl/sql code. Some of them were the same and some were exactly the opposite: not better or worse...just different. In these cases it is hard to remember which one is the correct format on each place.

Back then we had a huge Word document with all the rules to follow...I really wish I had Code Analysis then!
With Code Analysis I could have selected the rules needed, modify them if required and if some were missing, ask for it. My life would have been easier!

Hold on...Don't you know what I am talking about? I am talking about Code analysis.

If you are not familiar with that or you just want a refresh, please have a look at the videos below. In this post I will assume you already know about this great feature .