Squash your Mainframe Angst with Toad for DB2 z/OS

Fear and confusion: two emotions you probably don’t like associated with your job. I see it often in my line of work, and have seen it for many years since I started working with mainframe files and databases that people needed to access.   Your organization might have an awful lot of great data up on the mainframe, and someone probably wants to make good use of it.   Maybe you have to make good use of it.  The tasks of DB2 data access and DB2 administration on z/OS cause anxiety because they are outside the skillset of many IT and development professionals today.

If you’re one of these people, anxious about suddenly finding yourself tasked with accessing or administering DB2 on the mainframe, I’d like to introduce you to Toad™ for IBM® DB2 z/OS.  

The key to why Toad for DB2 z/OS is going to be your friend is the layer it creates between you and the DB2 subsystem you’ll be connecting to and interacting with.   With Toad, accessing DB2 data or managing schemas is as easy on z/OS as it is on Linux, Unix or Window. Even if you’ve never touched DB2, Toad will help you get productive quickly.

Here are some top reasons Toad makes the mainframe so accessible to everyone:

  • Allows less experienced developers and DBAs to access DB2 without having mainframe expertise and experience.
  • Enables users to harness the power of SQL without being a SQL expert.
  • Connection management.   Connect to DB2 z/OS data sources just as you do from other client applications, and keep all those connection details stored right inside Toad.
  • Increase productivity. Reduce your workload with automation and improved workflow.
  • Automate routine tasks, including schema compare, script execution and reporting.
  • Identify problematic SQL statements directly from source code or during execution.
  • Improve code performance. Debug stored procedures, format code and optimize SQL performance.
  • Optimize SQL statements automatically through rewrites and indexing.
  • Collaboration - Save, reuse and share powerful features for object management, SQL and stored procedures.
  • Visual Query Builder - Access key data quickly, build SQL through GUI driven point/click, drag & drop process.

I’ll talk about some of these features in a series of Toad for DB2 posts, so please watch for those over the coming days and weeks.

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