Demystify and troubleshoot the backend code with SQL Tracker

Ever wondered what backend code is being executed in Toad?
One would be surprised with the hundreds of lines of SQL that is processed even for the simplest of commands.

In Toad for Oracle’s immense tool chest, this is main functionality of a lesser known, but an extremely powerful tool, SQL Tracker. Quest SQL Tracker monitors SQL statements issued by Windows applications and services that access Oracle.

The utility monitors Oracle, MySQL and DB2 Client DLL calls, allowing one to capture all SQL calls a program sends to the database via the client DLLs. Leverage that thought and use this power to independently troubleshoot and workaround problematic scenarios that can halt your workflow.

In this video, Senior Support Engineer, Marvin Maula, introduces and demonstrates this can’t live without coder's utility, SQL Tracker.  Quickly and easily, one can strengthen one’s troubleshooting skills in magnitude with this feature. 

VIDEO - How to use the SQL Tracker tool? (193849)

To try and to experience this power, download Toad for Oracle trial here.

Current Toad for Oracle commercial users can download the current version at the Support Portal.