Getting SharePlex to recognize your servers when the server name or IP address has changed

Recently a customer that is running SharePlex had the hostname of their target server changed.

This action caused Shareplex to stop replicating to that target since Shareplex embeds the hostname and/or IP address of the Source and/or the Target machine in a number of the files in the vardir directory that are used in replication.

The customer reached out to us for assistance in getting their replication working again. 

There is a SharePlex utility called Provision that is used to resolve this issue.  This utility is provided to you via the SharePlex Support group so if you run into a situation where the name or IP address of one or more of your replication servers has changed you simply need to open a support ticket by going to and choose the Contact Support icon.  Support will work with you to get the proper version of the Provision utility for your environment.

How the utility works is actually pretty straightforward.

Step 1) Shutdown SharePlex and run the Provision utility on the source and target. 

This will reset the hostname information in the SharePlex files to reflect the new name(s).  In this customers case the name of the Target server was reset.

Step 2) Run ora_setup to make sure everything is back in sync.

Step 3) Start SharePlex back up by running sp_cop&

Once you complete these steps SharePlex should start working just fine and this was the case with the customer. 

The utility ran quickly and they were back up-and-running in a matter of minutes and they were very happy.

So if you ever have server names change on you and replication stops working please reach out to Support to get everything working again. 

This is also true for any issue you may have with SharePlex.  Simply reach out to the Support team and they will work with you to get everything working again.

I hope you found this helpful and I wish you successful replication.

-Mark Kurtz