How to Overcome Routine Tasks and Reporting in SAP

Many moons ago, prior to my career in marketing, I worked for a multi-national company and as part of this role I worked closely with SAP. I worked within Supply Chain and Purchasing and for me SAP was my bread and butter, my bible so to speak. All our transactions, orders and inventory management occurred through SAP. One thing I may have forgot to mention is that I hated SAP!

I would consider myself an early adopter of technology and working with SAP's clunky, out-dated, hard to use user interface was torture to me. When I was about 7 years old my parents got their first computer. It was a "Word Processor" that ran Windows '95 and I think the most interesting feature was Microsoft Paint. Using SAP was reminiscent of using  this machine, the difference was that I used this Word Processor in 1998 and I was using SAP 15 years later in a multi-national company and that Windows '95 was easier to use than SAP. 

In my role, I had to run weekly reports which could take me anywhere up to 2 hours to run because of SAP and then even longer to edit in Excel. When I finished with this company and began my Masters' I think the thing that I enjoyed most was not having to use SAP again in the foreseeable future. When I started with this company I discovered Toad for SAP. Having discovered Toad's unique ease-of-use and feature set, I was both overjoyed and distraught! Toad could have made my life so much easier in my old role if I had realized what it could do.  

"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily"

Toad automates routine database tasks like no other piece of software. With one fell swoop a DBA can overcome some of the key challenges in their day-to-day lives such as:

  • Automating routine database maintenance to ensure database health & security
  • Enabling best practice approach to code development & ensuring code quality to maximize application performance from the start
  • Helping DBA's diagnose bottlenecks and optimize SQL for optimal database performance
  • Minimizing the risk of making database changes especially with migrations, patches & configuration changes to your databases to ensure availability and up-time

Toad has a number of key features such as Editor which helps you type, save, run, debug and tune SQL statements in Toad's user-friendly interface. Another feature is Spotlight which allows you to simplify administration tasks along with predicting, diagnosing and resolving database performance issues before they impact on end-users experience - one feature which would have made my old role so much easier! Toad also allows you to automate your systems so routine tasks, which for me was running reports on a weekly basis, can be automated using the Automation Designer. 

William Penn once said "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst". Don't waste your time when you can make a simple change that will enable you to make the best use of your time. The less time you spend on administration, the more time you can spend on innovation. Take back your evenings and weekends, Toad can help you accomplish your goals and dreams in your work, allowing you to enjoy life too!

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