Jemena in Australia mitigates access management risks with automated attestation processes

"Not only can we ensure that we’re compliant with Identity Manager, we can also demonstrate that compliance"

Phil Duncanson, General Manager, IT Application Management, Jemena

With more than $9 billion worth of major utility infrastructure, Jemena supplies millions of households and businesses with essential services every day. However, running around 20 key business applications, including the critical SAP enterprise resources planning (ERP) suite, meant too many manual processes. Jemena deployed Identity Manger with our One Identity Services team, and the project was divided into phases: initial base build, attestation automation, and account life-cycle management.

Jemena operates a diverse portfolio of energy and water transportation assets across the east coast of Australia. The company has a core group of around 2,500 permanent employees working alongside as many as 1,500 non-permanent staff who are employed for specific projects. Around 20 key business applications support the business, the SAP enterprise resources planning (ERP) suite being one of the most important. 

The results? Automated attestations based on a single source of truth.