Join the open-source movement with Toad Edge Preview Release

MySQL is great. The cost benefits? Also great. What’s not so great? Struggling to learn a new database platform. Oh, yeah. We hear your collective groan. You’re already juggling a million more responsibilities than you had when you started out, and now you’ve got to figure out yet another new technology?

There’s got to be a better way.  

Maybe you’re already muddling through MySQL on your own. Maybe your company is still just talking about migrating to an open-source database platform to save money. Either way, everyone needs – or is about to need – a better way to work with open source databases.

And that’s why we created Toad Edge™.

The Toad Edge preview release provides a simple interface for working with MySQL. And that massively reduces the learning curve for developers and DBAs who need to tackle MySQL as a new database platform in your organization. Toad Edge, features core database development and management functions in addition to integrating with DevOps functions– making it easier than ever to ramp-up your MySQL expertise.

Intuitive workflows are just the beginning.

And while the newest member of the Toad product family delivers the powerful automation you’ve come to love and expect from us, that’s not the only thing that’s cool about this product release. Toad Edge gives you confidence in your choice to move to open source.   

No more vendor lock-in.

With Toad Edge, you’re not stuck using the costly databases of yesterday. And we don’t just support your freedom of choice when it comes to databases; we also support you on whatever OS you want to use. That’s right: Toad Edge works on both Windows and Mac. So you won’t get left behind. In fact, you’ll get an edge on the competition.

Find your Edge.

See how you can confidently take on any MySQL challenge with Toad Edge.

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