Let’s put the Spotlight on Spotlight

Spend less time on IT testing and more time on IT innovation

Time is your most valuable asset. Too much time is spent managing your current systems instead of getting ready for what’s next. We think it's time for a change. It’s time to rethink how you do systems and information management.

Developers are always under a time pressure and face many unique demands.  Testing rarely gets the time and effort truly required.  That is why quite often, “If it compiles it is production ready” is a Developer’s mantra.  They do not have the resources and in many cases the knowledge, scripts or tools to see how their code is affecting the Database, test it thoroughly and quickly resolve issues.

Huh? What? Confusing?  Well actually this is a process that is a perfect fit for Spotlight on Oracle and its real time diagnostics.  Spotlight and Toad’s DBA Suite are aimed at DBA’s but in reality Spotlight is a great tool for Developers, Dev Teams and QA.  Developers using Spotlight can immediately see their impact of their code on the Database while testing.  Spotlight makes this a repeatable process and captures the history of each run. Spotlight can take the guess work out of the process of testing and simplify Developer’s tasks in testing their code. Instantly see in a beautiful intuitive GUI your performance issues, bottlenecks and other areas impacted by the code and drill down in for analysis and problem resolution. You don’t have to be an expert to know where your problems are in the code and database, Green good, Red bad!!  Spotlight can also be used for Load and Scalability Testing using Toad’s DBA Suite’s Benchmark Factory tool. Spotlight should be a part of every Toad user’s toolkit. Don’t limit Spotlight to DBA’s and shine the Spotlight on Spotlight for all. Want to learn more about the Toad DBA Suite and Spotlight?  Then stay tuned for my next blog “Toad’s DBA Suite is Sweet!”.