LiteSpeed for SQL Server: New Release - Version 8.5

We are pleased to announce the general availability of LiteSpeed for SQL Server, version 8.5.  This release introduces a handful of enhancements, some of which I will highlight below.  For a full list of enhancements and changes, please view the release notes.


Easier restores to different instances of SQL Server

LiteSpeed now allows you to choose the source server in the restore wizard, allowing you to more easily browse for the right backup files prior to restoring them to a different SQL Server instance.


Performance Optimizations for Object Level Recovery

Various improvements have been made to improve the speed of Object Level Recovery operations.  Most notably, the processing of Object Level Recovery is now multi-threaded, allowing for parallel processing.


Scalability Improvements for the Transaction Log Reader

Various improvements have been made to improve the scalability and performance of the Transaction Log Reader, especially on large transaction log files.  Log reading operations are now multi-threaded, allowing for parallel processing.


Automated Restore Enhancement

The Automated Restore procedure, now allows you to schedule only a "RESTORE VERIFYONLY".  This can offer some basic verification of backup files, without having to carry out a restore.  Useful for systems where they do not have enough storage to do the full recovery, but still want assurance that their backup files are valid.


Full Support for SQL Server 2016

LiteSpeed for SQL Server version 8.2 offered tolerance of SQL Server 2016, however with 8.5, SQL Server 2016 is now fully supported.


Additional Cloud Support

LiteSpeed version 8.5 has added support for several Amazon S3 regions, now fully supports IAM roles on Amazon EC2, and fully supports Azure Cold Storage.


To upgrade your installation to version 8.5, please follow the links below:

Current customers can download the new release from the product support site.

Customers that are evaluating LiteSpeed can upgrade from the trial download page.