Quarterly reporting made easy with Toad Data Point

I had a customer ask me how to align his quarterly reports with his organization's fiscal calendar. By default, Toad Data Point uses the tradition quarterly schedule, e.g. Jan through March is Quarter 1 (Q1), April through June is Q2, etc. However, the customer's organization uses a fiscal calendar where the months are offset by one month as below.

February - April Q1
May - July Q2
August - October Q3
November - January Q4

To solve this reporting dilemma, I suggested that he use Toad Data Point's Transform and Cleanse (T&C) functionality in lieu of SQL code to do the heavy lifting for him. This requires only two steps in T&C so here we go...

  1. Create a calculated column getting the month name from the date column you are reporting on, in this case ORDER_DATE.

2. Create a four step grouped column that puts the appropriate months into the correct quarters. In this example, I am aligning months to quarters per the table above.


Then the user can drag & drop those cleansing steps down to their transform library in the bottom right so they can reuse as needed.

I hope this helps with your quarterly reporting tasks. Cheers!