Space Manager w/LiveReorg is now 64 bit!

Beginning with release 8.3, Space Manager is now available in a 64-bit version, as well as a 32-bit version.

Using the 64-bit version of Space Manager takes advantage of performance benefits in a 64-bit environment. That means better memory management for one.

Installation is simple, just select the 64-bit set up program (installer) from the download site and run it on your system.

Make sure the bitness/architecture of the Oracle client used by Space Manager matches the bitness/architecture of the Space Manager application. Ensure a 64-bit Oracle client is installed if you intend to use the 64-bit version of Space Manager.

Space Manager 8.3 (or later) supports side-by-side installation of versions with different bitness/architecture as long as they are also different releases (e.g., 8.2 and 8.3).  This lets you install the new 64 bit version, test it and then start using it without worrying about your ‘old’ installation not being available.

This release of Space Manager now supports the following Oracle database 12c features.

  • Attribute clustering (attribute-clustered tables)
  • Tables with in-memory column store
  • Temporal validity for tables

 Reorg scripts. New options supporting 12c features in Reorg scripts:

  • Attribute clustering. In the Reorg wizards, you can now apply attribute clustering or modify existing clustering options for reorganized tables.
  • In-Memory Column Store. In the Reorg wizards, you can now enable or modify In-Memory Column Store options for reorganized objects/segments.

As you can see there are new features and capabilities available in this new release that support new Oracle features and capabilities.

I will have more blogs coming out in this series that show even more of the new features and enhancements, as well as general “How to use Space Manager” features.

You can find more information about Space Manager w/LiveReorg here and on our Support site.