Spotlight 11.7.1 Is Now Available For Download

Hear ye, hear ye! Spotlight version 11.7.1 is here!

There are several fixes and a few enhancements included in Spotlight 11.7.1.

The product fixes included are listed below for your reference:

  • ID 6097 - Resolved an issue with the Spotlight Connection Manager, where Spotlight Connection Manager sometimes selected the wrong connection type to delete in cases where the request to delete a connection and the name of that connection was used by multiple connection types.
  • ID 6071 - Resolved a connection issue with the Spotlight Diagnostic Server where the encountered error was: "SSR Cleaner - SSR Cleaner: failed to run".
  • ID 5584 - Resolved an issue where if the blocking duration was more than 1,000,000 milliseconds, the values reported on the homepage and the blocking drilldown were different.
  • ID 5468 - Resolved an issue with the Deadlock List Report where the content was limited.
  • ID 5235 - Resolved an issue when monitoring a SQL failover cluster, SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 instances in an environment other than English and the "At least one cluster node is unavailable" alarm failed to clear.
  • ID 4686 - Resolved an issue where an XDL file created by Extended Events could not be opened in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • ID 3177 - The Performance health drilldown ignores wait type 'RESOURCE_QUEUE’.
  • ID DS-420 - Resolved an issue where SQL Server Wait Events and Workload Analysis drilldowns showed no data.
  • ID DS-419 - Resolved an issue deleting a monitored entity.

The following product enhancements are included:

  • ID 6077 - If configured to upload to the Spotlight Cloud, then the collections now being uploaded allow for monitoring connection drilldowns on the web site once corresponding development of the web site is complete.
  • ID 5697 - Enhanced monitoring and diagnosis of connections with over 2000 active sessions.
  • ID 6214 - Reporting and Trending: The RDL files have moved to the SSRS folder in the Spotlight Client installation folder.

Spotlight 11.7.1 has also deprecated a few components:

  • The SQL Server Diagnostics CPU and IO drilldowns have been deprecated in favor of the SQL Server | Workload Analysis drilldown CPU Resource and the SQL Server Wait Events drilldown | IO Category.
  • Reporting and Trending | Spotlight Views have been deprecated. They are now available as printable Spotlight Reports.
  • Enterprise Views post this release. It is recommended to take advantage of the new Connection Views to monitor your SQL Server instances in groups.

Visit our Spotlight Support Portal page to download this release.