Overview of Foglight Management Server and Agent Manager upgrades

How would you like to have a quick reference point for your Foglight Management Server (FMS) or Foglight Agent Manager (FglAm) upgrades? 

This article is designed to help you determine the best steps to take to upgrade your type of FMS and FglAm.  Hyperlinks are included for specific topics which direct to the area of interest in the Upgrade Guide.

FMS Types

  • Standalone FMS - Typical installation
  • FMS HA - High Availability FMS
  • Federation - Note: Federated children are not aware they a members of Federation. The Federator has its own configuration file which specifies the FMS children members.

Standalone FMS Upgrade Steps

  • Perform necessary backups of the FMS filesystem and its backend database repository.
  • Stop the software, then run the executable (as the owner of the $FGLHOME directories).
  • Select the 'Custom' selection / radio button.
  • Verify the path to $FGLHOME is valid, and proceed through the wizard.
  • When completed, monitor the startup locally on the FMS using your internet browser via $FGLHOME/state/splash/foglightStartup.html (NOTE: On UNIX, must be via X-window terminal).

FMS HA Upgrade Steps

  • Perform necessary backups of the FMS filesystem and its backend database repository.
  • All HA members should be stopped before any one of them is upgraded.
  • Each HA member should then have the FMS upgrade individually and sequentially.
  • Apply cartridge updates once all members of the HA have the FMS software upgraded and started.
    NOTE: Applying a cartridge update to the current Primary HA member will automatically update the secondary Management Server.

Federation Upgrade Steps

  • Perform necessary backups of the FMS filesystem and its backend database repository.
  • Modify the $FGLHOME/config/federation.config file on the Federator commenting out your Federated children.
  • Upgrade the Federator and apply all cartridge update types that are part of your Federated Child environment.
  • Upgrade each Federated child and apply cartridge updates.
  • When a Federated Child has the necessary completed updates, uncomment the $FGLHOME/config/federation.config file so that Federated Child becomes known to the Federator. NOTE: This file is dynamically checked for updates every 60 seconds while the Federator is running.

FglAm Types & Upgrades

  • Standard – On the Agent Managers dashboard, click the checkbox next to your displayed FglAm and select the Upgrade button to upgrade the FglAM version for your selected FglAm.
  • Concentrators - All of the concentrators need to be upgraded before the downstream clients are upgraded.
  • Multiple State - Select all FglAm hosts in the Agent Manager installation-set when initiating the upgrade.
  • FglAM HA – Apply the FglAm update to both members of a FglAm partition simultaneously by selecting their respective checkboxes and clicking the Upgrade button.

Upgrade cartridge (agent) packages to Agent Managers

  • Deploy an agent package using the web console Agent Managers dashboard by selecting the desired Agent Managers and clicking the Deploy Agent Packages button.
  • This procedure pushes out the necessary agent executables and libraries for the agent type to run as the latest version.
  • FglAM HA – Deploy to one of the members of each partition. This will automatically apply the cart update to the current Primary. 


Please reference the PDF attachment in KB 228695 more information about the software downloads and upgrade processes.