• Rapid Recovery support for Rocky Linux 9.3?

    The last thread I can find hasn't had any updates in nearly a year. Has there been any progress on this compatibility or what agent installer to use? 

  • Rapid Recovery Agent for Linux Ubuntu 22.04?

    Good Day All,

    We have had our Rapid Recovery backup server since it was originally call AppAssure, however this is the first time I have tried to install the Linux Agent to backup a Linux sever..

    I am running into the problem that I cannot locate the…

  • Backup VLAN unreachable after linking to hypervisor

    Historically we've deployed the agent on all of our VM's and protected them directly from the core (no hypervisor associations/links). Each VM was given a secondary network adapter and assigned a static IP on a "backup" VLAN (i.e. normal…

  • Exceptional deferred delete speed

    We have 4 cores, all running 6.7 and repo size of 200TB plus. 2 cores are primary and other 2 are replication cores +  they do some direct backups. For the most part all cores are performing at the same level. But one of the main backup cores running exceptionally…

  • Move current Rapid recovery Core server to a new server. Is there a grace or transition period due to license overrun with a temporary extra core server?

    We want to replace the server which runs Rapid Recovery with a new server.

    Is there a grace or transition period available due to license overrun with a temporary extra core server?

    I want to configure and test the new server (Rapid Recovery, backup,…

  • Transfer Failed: Call to service method timed out


    For the past few days, we cannot back up due to this error that I can't get around. Both core and agent servers are running 6.7. I have tried to modify the time-out settings in the agent server to 20 min but still nothing. I also tried to repair…

  • Local Admin rights on a Domain Controller


    I have a question regarding user permissions to take backups of Domain controllers. I followed the forum post  Account permissions needed for protecting machine? and that works great for non DC servers.  But now I need to get the DC connected with…

  • Rapid recovery VS sql native backup

    Hi All,

    We are using rapid recovery to take backup of few sql server (taking backup of drive which includes .mdf and .ldf files) hourly. We are also taking sql backup using sql native . I have one doubt, Is it okay to have both backups? Does it will…

  • Started getting system.timeoutexception: 'b__0' on one machine, can't tell why.

    One of the VM's being backed up started throwing this error every few backups since last night. Out of the past 8 backups, 5 have thrown the error. No other VM's are having this issue. These are backed up agentlessly (vCenter) direct from SAN.…

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server restore failed

    We have a Ubuntu server running on a HyperV server in a Datacenter backing up to an offsite Rapid Recovery 6.6 Core. Back ups have been running fine without fault since the 9th June and it's reporting 15 Application-consistent recovery points.


  • Not able to renew support

    No contact to renew my rapid recovery support for weeks.

    Even on site, there is no response.

    Phone shown also not available in Brazil (+55 11 3706-2555)

  • Is it possible to schedule weekly backups rather than daily backups?

    We're running Core 6.6 and Agent 6.6, is it possible to setup a weekly backup on a particular day and time or is the longest time between automated backups 24 hours?

  • Moving agent to different repository (on same core)

    Hi All

    I found some articles about moving agents to different repositories, but they seem to rely on making a new base image.

    I discovered the following:

    1. Stop the protection on the agent, by using the Pause button
    2. Archive all the Recovery Points.
    3. Delete…
  • What is "queuedFileVersions" ? Is it bad to have a large number? What does it mean?

    I have a powershell script provided by support that generates a nice HTML report. I have it run daily. I'm wondering what this particular field, queuedFileVersions, means. Also,  QueuedRPFSFiles and QueuedRPFSSize. What's the optimal number? What do…

  • Failback Without Second Core

    My team is trying to test failover of production systems for a customer. They have five Windows server VMs on an ESXi host that each have a virtual standby on another ESXi host, but only one Core. There is a SQL server and an Exchange server involved…

  • How Recovery Point Relate to Disk Consumption

    My question is related to disk consumption as it relates to Recovery Points.

    Put aside compression and deduplication for this conversation.  My goal is to understand basic disk consumption, have the most granular recovery possibilities,  with the least…

  • Server backup change rate

    We are running Rapid Recover 6.5 as well as version 6.5 at the client level.

    We are looking for reports for change rate.  I found this document, but when I went through the steps in the report I did not see a change rate column:  https://support.quest.com…

  • Seed drive consumption blocks replication for seeded machines?

    I'm backing up 4 new machines(VMs).  and I have 4 existing.  I made the Seed drive for the 4 new machines(took days), drove to DR site, plugged in and I'm now consuming Seed drive.  BUT it looks like the replication job for the 4 new machines is…

  • vSphere 7.0 Support Timeline?

    Is there a current timeline for when a release will officially support vSphere 7.0?

  • Migrating to new clients.


    I have a server installed with 6.5 version of rapid recovery and two servers as clients.

    We need to move to 2 new servers (replacing the old ones).

    I can't see a way disable client (for license purposes). If I remove them will this delete the backups…

  • Pause replication seed drive import


    I'm doing a replication job from one core to another (both Rapid Recover 6.4)

    I was able to seed the initial replication to an external hard drive, that went well.  Connected the hard drive to the other core and started the consume and that is…

  • Assistance with Replication and Seed Drive


    Sorry for the question if it's trivial, i'm new to managing Rapid Recovery.

    We have 2 Cores both running version 6.4.

    Some of our VMs have moved datacenters so I'm moving the Rapid Recovery jobs and recovery points.  I have done several…

  • Will it be possible to add Nutanix backup functionality in the new version of Rapid Recovery?

    I think RR's image backup method is valuable because it enables faster recovery than NetVault in SMB companies without IT administrators.

    However, compared to other competing products, it is unfortunate that RR's function update is delayed.


  • Re-Add a machine - Start from Scratch - Ignore Recovery Points

    I have an SQL server that stopped backing up late last week (Not sure of reason yet).  This caused the logs volume to fill up, and now the unit will not back up with the error that the AALog file in System Volume Information is not accessible, access denied…

  • Can License Portal check frequency be reduced?

    Each day, I have at least one "Failed to contact the license portal". It's attempting contact every 10 minutes. Honestly, does it need to check that often? Once per day, or even hour, would be fine with me. I'm tired of these false alarms in my box daily…