• metalogix content matrix trial limits


    What is the limitations of trial version of metalogix content matrix.
    I'am testing the migration of public folders to SharePoint Online but it create folders hierarchy but don't copy any file ??!!

    Thanks to help me

  • Trial Version to migration Confluence to SharePoint


    I want to try a POC to migrate Confluence Spaces to SharePoint. Can I get trial version of supported version.

    I know latest version doesnt support Confluence to SharePoint migration. Thats why asking for link to download older version (8.8).


  • ItemCount filter in Content Matrix


    I'm having wierd problem when i try to filter lists for content migration based on ItemCount property - it always skips the list as it would comparing Strings instead of numbers, even though the filter designer indicates that the column is an integer…

  • Metalogix Content Matrix 9.4 - What's New

    Note: We previously posted product release announcements in our Blogs section; but are now posting them in the community.

    We are excited to announce the release of Metalogix Content Matrix 9.4. Listed below are some of the key features:

    • The new consolidated…
  • Inconsistency on the speed during Increment migration


    I am facing some issues in inconsistency on the speed during Increment migration.
    For example,
    1. A 10+ GB site took 42 mins for incremental migration in the 2013 environment and took 52 mins in the 2016 environment. However, It took 2 hrs 58 mins…

  • Content database selection Disable (Auto detect) in site collection migration.


    I am facing an issue when migrating Sharepoint 2010 to 2013 Site collection not able to choose content database in Site collection option.

    I am using a trial license 


  • Sharepoint 2010 to 2013 On-premise Migration Issue using Metalogix

    I am facing some issues after migration some page layouts are not coming and also blank pages. Please help me to resolve the issues.

  • How to migrate Nintex workflow SharePoint 2010 to 2013 using content matrix

    I am trying to migrate the Nintex workflow from 2010 to 2013 so I click on Attach external Connection -> Add Nintex Database -> Then Nintex Database picker. Here I am a little confused about which database I need to add for migration SP2010 existing Nintex…

  • Migrating with multiple targets and user mapping


    My org will be migrating some sites to SPO and some sites to 2016 on prem. For SPO, I need to provide a user mapping but for 2016, I don't. Will Content Matrix know when to use the user mapping and when not to? Or if I provide a user mapping, will…

  • SharePoint Migration Library Names CM

    Does anyone knows how Content Matrix handles the names of the Libraries migrated from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online? 

    • Does it uses the internal name?
    • There's any naming best practice applied?

    This question came up since we have been noticed…

  • Metalogix Content Matrix 9.3 What’s New

    Note: We previously posted product release announcements in our Blogs section; but are now posting them in the community.

    We are excited to announce the release of Content Matrix 9.3. In our last release, we made several fundamental changes to the product…

  • Pages are not getting migrated to Modern Team Site :Exception: Could not retrieve Document. Exception: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.


    Pages are not getting migrated, folder's and files's are getting migrated including metadata.

    Source: SharePoint 2010 Onpremise

    Target : Modern team site (online)

    These pages are the main reason for the migration, Which I am unable to migrate…

  • Not able to migrate the content at the site collection level

    Hello I am not able to migrate the site content at the site collection level, i have copied the source site and then tried to paste it on the Target site collection and i have selected the all required options but the content is not migrating the tool…

  • Scheduling a task missing in Metalogix Content Matrix Console UI

    How do I schedule a task to run at specific time. I don't see to find any option to do that via Content Matrix Console UI.I could not find that option anywhere in the console UI. Any suggestions?

  • Migration of modern pages

    We have to migrate modern pages from one SharePoint Online Tenant to another SharePoint Online Tenant.

    When we migrate these modern pages from the site pages library we received an empty classic page in target tenant.

    Is it possible to migrate modern…

  • Migrating path-based to 2019 HNSC-based site collections

    We have an on-prem SP 2013 farm with several web applications with URLs such as

    Under the http://some-name.company…

  • Email alerts related to Content Matrix vulnerabilities

    Do you happen to have by any chance the ability for our team to be added to some mailing distributions for vulnerabilities?
    We have seen this page, but it does not list any alerts and we are not able to subscribe to these alerts.
  • SharePoint Online Connection issues

    Hello - We're using Content Matrix Console SharePoint Edition - We been migrating docs from SP2010 to SPO for about couple years now. We have to started to see connection related errors today. Below is the error message/code:  

    Error: An error…

  • AADSTS500011: The resource principal named https://siteurl was not found in the tenant named <tenantName>.

    Hi All,

    Post upgrade from CM 8.9 to 9.0 we are unable to connect to our O365 tenant using cloud accounts.

    AADSTS500011: The resource principal named https://siteurl was not found in the tenant named <tenantName>. This can happen if the application has…

  • Access Denied Exception

    Hi Team,

    In my migration report. I am getting lot of Failed entry with Access Denied Exception. But when I see target url it is not appending managed path and site collection name. 

    And data migration is also done for some of list and library.

    Is anyone…

  • Support for Modern Azure Storage Accounts

    Security standards in our company are requiring a second factor when using Azure Storage Accounts... This can be covered when using modern storage accounts via the Firewall settings and restricting to our outbound IP addresses. Since classic Azure Blob…

  • Need UserMapping.XML file format for Global Mapping

    Hi Team,

    I am trying to generate UserMapping.XML file for passing it to 'Specify Global Mapping' console.

    In the user guide it is mentioned to create XM with <Mapping> node. Can you please share complete format for this file.


  • How to get report from Content Matrix File Share Console

    I am facing below issues with Content Matrix Console using for file share analysis to migrate One Drive

    1. Once Job started nothing is there to stop the Job  or Pause the Job

    2. How to get the reports for each users Total Size, Each File Size, File Path…

  • Metalogix Content matrix Variables migration


    can Anyone please confirm if Metalogix Content matrix can migrate Variables(french/other language sites migration) from on-prem to online SharePoint? I am trying to find out for answers and there are none from this forum whether content matrix can…

  • Why I Could not able to disconnect multiple Share Files connection like SharePoint site connections ?

     Why I Could not able to disconnect multiple Share Files connection  like SharePoint site connections ? very difficult to Disconnect individually.