Gartner Recognizes Quest as Market Leader in Multivendor Database Performance Monitoring

Gartner released its new Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Management (APM) last week – and recognized Quest as a leader (again) with our Foglight portfolio (yay!). There was some minor shift in position for a few of the vendors and some new additions to the report, showing that the space is evolving and growing.


I suspect that most people think of, well….the application at the mention of APM. There are many layers of infrastructure that contribute to that – web, OS, network, VMs and my area, the database layer. Database performance has a lot to do with application performance – Gartner recognized that too and put this quote into their report:


Quest is the market leader in multivendor performance monitoring for DBMSs, based on Gartner market data, giving Foglight a credibility in this area unique among the technologies considered in this research.


That “multivendor” bit is an important point to make – Quest makes it quite easy to manage multi-platform environments with Foglight, providing a single and consistent view of what’s going on in your database environment – your whole environment… Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase. You can drill down horizontally to see where your most critical alarms are originating, or vertically into individual database platforms and instances to find and fix performance problems quickly and efficiently.


This is a great acknowledgment of Quest’s strength in this space by Gartner. It validates our position and our vision, so at least we know we’re heading in the right direction!


If you’re interested in seeing how Foglight works to manage performance in a multi-platform environment.We recently finished an overview demo of how Foglight for databases works – check it out on the Foglight Community.