• Spotlight Cloud - Discontinued Support

    Thank you for your continued support of Quest solutions. This is your official notice that Spotlight Cloud will reach end of life on December 31, 2024. Beyond this date, the product will cease to be available.

    To minimize disruption to your business and…

  • Alarm Raised: A full backup has not been taken for database msdb in the last xx days xx hours after each availability groups failover


    I'm having the issue

    I'm using Spotlight Entreprise Version:,

    the issue I have is on each failover I'm having the following Alarm "A full backup has not been taken for database msdb in the last xx days xx hours".…

  • My co-workers can't see my instances connections

    Well I need a help about it... The reason of this post it's because I did a connection of SQL Instances on spotlight so... everything went well on Virtual Machine, I saw the monitors about database but when my co-workers log in on the same VM, they can…

  • consolidating spotlight servers

    Hello, we have three data centres spread thousand of miles apart. Site A runs the diagnostic server and SQL instance. Site B and Site C are federated sites.

    I want to swap site A and C's roles so that the diagnostic server and database are moved to Site…

  • What is the service or program in spotlight called to view the status of my hard drives?

    What is the service or program in spotlight called to view the status of my hard drives?

  • SQL Server Connection Failure

    We use the spotlight 


    Diagnostic Server Scripts version:

    We have some connection alert with spotlight monitoring. We also monitor this sql server with SCOM with no connection alert. Sql server have nothing in sql server log…

  • New user set up

    Hi there,

    I'm having problems to add a new user to Spotlight for SQL Server Enterprise. I was given a new account by IT as my current account will expire, I've added the new one under the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators Windows Group, but I…

  • For a single connection - SQL and Windows - CPU WMI

    WMI query 'Win32_PerfRawData_PerfOS_Processor' failed: Timed out. (0x40004) [Error Code:262148]

  • Custom Counter

    How to return multiple values using a custom counter without writing multiple queries? For example, lets say we have a custom query "select name from sys.sysdatabases" . I need all database names and not only the top DB "master"

  • Issue running Powershell Module for Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

    I am getting an error when trying to use powershell module for Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

    1. browse to "E:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Spotlight Enterprise\Console\"
    2. execute ds-cli.cmd
    3. get-connection



  • Alarms backup - Days since last full backup


    We have a solution in SQL Server Always-On and we make full backup on primary node. Everything looks good but we always have spotlight Alarm "Backup - Days Since last Full Backup" on secondary. I need the acknowledgement because it's a security if…

  • Spotlight version 12.4 Cannot apply License

    I recently upgraded to Spotlight 12.4 and the GUI is not allowing me to apply my current license.

    How should I proceed?

  • Filtering database in simple recovery model

    Hi, is there a way to filter some databases from the simple recovery alert of "Health Check" category. As far as i see you can only ignore the entire section (for the instance).

    Is health check category based on alarms we can tweak? I see MSDB…

  • cannot acknowledge alarm

    I am using spotlight for SQL Server enterprise ( I have a "SQL Server connection Failure alarm that I want to acknowledge but whatever I do, the alarm stays active.  I have tried acknowledging the individual alarms as well as "Status…

  • Spotlight on SQL Server - Powershell API

    I am highly interested in expansion of the Powershell API to automate administration tasks.  When dealing with hundreds of connections, working through the GUI is not preferable.