• Quick way to manage services?

    Is there a quick way in DA to manage services, like changing BITS startup type to Manual or SSDP Discovery to Automatic (Delayed Start), without using a GP Template or Registry modification? Just curious, as I'm always discovering new ways to utilize…

  • "What does IT Desktop Support entail?"

    What qualifications and skills does the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority seek in potential candidates for the position of IT Desktop Support Specialist, and what specific responsibilities and tasks are associated with this role within the organization…

  • How did Icahn Enterprises counter short-seller allegations?

    What specific details and responses did Icahn Enterprises provide in its official statement addressing the recent short seller report, and how does the company address the allegations or concerns raised in the report?

  • "How to use Power BI's Model Explorer and Calculation Groups?"

    How can one leverage the functionalities of Model Explorer and proficiently author Calculation Groups in Power BI Desktop for enhanced data modeling and analysis?

  • "Why no support for trans?"

    "How can I navigate and address the challenges that arise when my wife and her friends don't support the transgender community? I'm seeking advice on fostering open and respectful conversations, promoting understanding, and ultimately promoting…

  • Bilingual installation

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking into Desktop Authority for our company, a nationwide flower delivery company in Canada. However, since our country is bilingual, I need a solution that would be flexible enough to accomodate both French and English. It is not…

  • Desktop Authority - using in French


    I'm reaching out because our company (a medium-sized floral transmission corporation) is mostly based in France and our tech team speaks French. Is there any way to have several languages across different machines on Desktop Authority?


  • 5K5RK

    I am planning to have Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 with 180-Watts Power Adapter for Notebook for my pc share any websites for it to get thanks

  • local account management: Addng a domain group to local admin group error: Business logic error: The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime.


    We've got a fresh install of DA 11.1. When I try to add a domain group to a local admin user group I constantly get a wierd time error:

    Business logic error: The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime. There is an unknown word starting…
  • ScriptLogic has encountered a critical error while "executing SLStart". at log on

    We've been seeing this error more freqently and in fact I can recreate it on demand on my desktop computer by simply restarting the machine and logging in.

    Dialog box is titled ScriptLogic Notice

    ScriptLogic has encountered a critical error while…

  • Its not too late yet to sign up for KACE UserKon 2019!

    We will have sessions that cover all the KACE products, including Desktop Authority and Privilege Manager. Why don't you book as last minute but very high ROI getaway to Orlando and join us for even more ideas on how you can safe your company time and…

  • Would like to install Printers asynchronously - New Print drivers take many minutes to install

    I would like to be able to install all print drivers asynchronously.  Meaning for the very first time a user logs onto a system and creates a Windows profile, instead of staring at the progress bar and our splash image for 5 to 10 minutes... continue installing…

  • Profile Process Order

    Feature request: Profile Process Order

    Details: Could you please implement option, that will allow changing process order of items under profile. Or change process order, based on example bellow.

    Example: Have an ability to apply "File Operations" before…

  • Send an email / Alert for particular logins

    I am trying to figure out the best way to be alerted if someone uses particular accounts to login.  Ideally I would display a warning to the person logging in and then send an email.


  • New Release - KACE Desktop Authority Full Build Update

    The following is a list of issues resolved in version 

    DA Manager

    • Enhancement to allow the Manager to disallow more than one login session from the same user. This functionality can be optionally enabled or disabled.
    • Fixed SmWinService SQL…
  • Way to disconnect all drives

    Each DA profile we have gets a unique set of network drive mappings.  Is there a way to easily disconnect all mapped drives before starting to map/connect drives?

  • Dell Thunderbolt over usb c dock IS NOT A DESKTOP COMPUTER

    I want the programmers to change this behavior.

    Just because someone has a Dell thunderbolt (USB-C) connected dock to a Dell XPS 13 LAPTOP, DOES NOT MEAN ITS A DESKTOP COMPUTER.

    You should be looking at the computer type, XPS is a LAPTOP.  Who cares…

  • Computer beeps 4 times when I turn it on, red light and then doesn't work at all.

    I have a quest mid-tower gaming case desktop, and turning it on this morning, it beeped like it does usually as a sign it's on, but then it beeped one time long and 3 times shortly. Then a red light on the front fascia blinks or stays, and the computer…

  • New Full Build Update for Desktop Authority (

    The following is a list of issues resolved in this hotfix/patch.  This mandatory hotfix addresses the following issues:

    DA Manager

    • Improved logging around GPO Deployment, specifically in the case where the manager service is unable to establish a proper…

  • Desktop Authority 10.2 - Latest Product Release

    We are excited to announce a new version of Desktop Authority 10.2 is now available for download.

    Look what's new:

    • Quickly locate any recently accessed computer and perform actions such as remote control, view latest DA trace file, etc.
    • Improvements…
  • Full Build Update for Desktop Authority version

    The following is a list of issues resolved in this hotfix/patch.  This mandatory hotfix addresses the following issues:

    DA Manager

    • Fixed data corruption issue with Shortcut elements after the multi-edit console feature has been used to modify more than…

  • User getting inactivity message when logging in

    I have a single user who, upon logging into their machine at the start of the day, is prompted that they will be logged out due to inactivity.

    This only happens to them, and I can't find anything under the inactivity section that would cause this. It…

  • Full Build Update for Desktop Authority version

    The following is a list of issues resolved in this hotfix/patch.  This mandatory hotfix addresses the following issues:

    DA Manager
    • Replication Failed: preparation error occurred: Access to the path'\\<DomainName>\.......' is denied".…

  • Is there a place to see product directions and enhancement requests?

    Is there a location where enhancement requests can be posted and voted on? The "Popular Enhancement and Feature Requests" thread doesn't have anything in it except an old entry for Exchange 2016 which is already out.


    I would love to see…

  • Webinar: How to upgrade Desktop Authority

    On Jan. 31, 2018 we offered a live Webinar on how to upgrade Desktop Authority to the latest version. Here is the link to the video if anyone had missed it and would like to view it.

    Webinar: How to upgrade Desktop Authority