• On Demand Migration for SharePoint - Term Store Migration - New Feature Spotlight

    Quest is excited to announce the release of a new feature, which takes On Demand Migration another step towards parity with other SharePoint migrations within Quests portfolio. We are constantly working on releasing new features and modules to allow customers…

  • Match user.name9@source.local to user.name@target.local


    Our client have recreated all their users in their new environment earlier and brought us in to migrate their computers, however, we're now stuck in testing because we just stumbled upon 1 of the 6 or so users (out of 1500+) that has a 9 in their…

  • Migration of Sites based on Site template type Team channel is not supported

    I'm attempting to migrate Teams with the following structure:

    • Team
      • Team channel 1 (Private)
      • Team channel 2 (Private)
      • Team channel 3 (Private)

    The content of Team channel 2 is migrated successfully, but Team channel 1 and 2 is skipped with the…

  • "Job was not completed. An unknown error occured. Check agent logs." - Where are they?

    Getting this error when running a read and match only workflow.

    "Job was not completed. An unknown error occured. Check agent logs."

    Since I have no access to the server running the ODM AD Agent I need to provide them with the path to the logs…

  • Migration between 2 tenants

    Hi! I'm planning migration between 2 tenants. In 1 tenant there is an app Migration Basic and in another there is not. I tried to setup cross-tenant. Doesn't help. Tried to consent needed right in Quest On with different cred's. Doesn't help. What do…

  • Can ODM migrate gMSAs from one AD DS domain to another?

    I'm planning to migrate from one AD DS domain to another.  We're still selecting our tools.  I know that QMM-AD does NOT migrate Group Managed Service Accounts.  Can ODMAD migrate them?

  • Failed to find folder Conversation History/Teamchatt during message estimation.

    Hi I have encountered this error while migrating a user mailbox. 

    Have anyone encountered the same error mentioned in the subject? 

    What should be the steps to resolve this?

  • Looking for answers to understand error codes. (The property is missing a required prefix/suffix per your organization's Group naming requirements.)

    Hi All and thank you in advance.

    It's horrible to use a product that gives you error codes that don't have a definition anywhere to be found! 

    When trying to migrate M365 Groups I get the following error;

    "The property is missing a required prefix…

  • Migrate labeled documents

    I am migrating mail, SharePoint, Overdrive and Teams from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another Microsoft 365 tenant. The source tenant has Azure Information Protection and Unified labeling configured. Can protected/labeled documents be migrated, and what…

  • No valid accounts specified for mail migration

    Hi all,

    I am completely new to Quest on demand but certainly enthusiastic.
    In a trail tenant I am preparing an initial migration. During the step "Mail migration task" I get the message "No valid accounts specified for mail migration". Is this because…

  • Office 365 Tenant to Office 365 Hybrid with ADFS Migration.

    Hi All,

    We are planning to migrate from Office 365 Tenant to Office 365 Hybrid Tenant with ADFS implemented and like know whether Quest® On Demand Migration will able to help us below tasks:

    1. Setting up coexistence between Source and Target tenants…