New Release! Toad Intelligence Central 3.2.2 is available for download

What's new in Toad Intelligence Central 3.2.2?

This release of Toad Intelligence Central includes the following new features and enhancements.

Manually Run Toad for Oracle Automation Apps

You can now run published Automation Apps from the Toad Intelligence Central Web interface.

In the Web interface, select the Home page. Then select the Automation App to run and click the Run button located in the Details pane. Intelligence Central starts the App and informs you when execution has begun.

Display Team Coding Information

The Toad Intelligence Central Web interface now includes a Team Coding page that displays the status of team coding objects.

To open the Team Coding page, in the Web interface select Toad for Oracle | Team Coding.

View Code Quality Information

The Toad Intelligence Central Web interface now includes a Code Quality page. This page provides information from Code Analysis, Code Tester, and Team Coding in a single view.

To view Code Quality information for an object, select Toad for Oracle | Code Quality. Select a database, a schema, and then an object. Details of the object's analysis, test results, or status are displayed.

Installation - Support Custom Drive for Toad Data Point and Toad for Oracle

Background: Beginning with Intelligence Central 3.0, when you install using the Toad Intelligence Central Server Installer, Toad Data Point and Toad for Oracle are automatically installed immediately following the Intelligence Central installation.

Enhancement: During installation, if you specify a custom installation path that includes a drive other than C:,Toad Data Point and Toad for Oracle are now also installed in installation directories using this custom drive.


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