Server error

Setup is home network with 2 dualboot 98/2k machines and an XP Pro machine. RS Server is installed on Win 98 with a Fujitsu fi-4220C attached via USB. Attempts to do a remote scan result in an RS error dialog:
The current parameter(s) is (are not allowed. Please use (an)other parameter(s) an try scanning again (code DS00003).
sense key: 0x5
ASC = 0x26

Thanks in advance.
  • Try scanning with A4 paper size and tell me if that works.
  • Make sure you have the latest driver from: ... s/drivers/

    And make sure your RS Server is the latest from our web page.

    If all that does not work. Then turn on Logging check box in RS Server Options. Scan and get error to happen. Then "ok" then when done goto "About" and click "Show log files" send me those files.
  • The test scan was A4. RS Server is 9.113 (downloaded this morning). Have installed RS Server on the same machine under 2k and this worked fine. However, the 98 boot is handiest for me, since I use it to log onto corporate network through VPN/Powerfuse.
    The Fujitsu TWAIN version is 9.8.37 on both 98 and 2k, but I doubt that this is the problem since I was able to remote scan under 2k. I have downloaded the latest driver per your suggestion, but have not succeded in installing it. It wants me to uninstall the previous driver using Add/remove software, but this is going to be difficult since the old driver does not show up in the software list. I think I need the driver CD, which I will have to look for. It could be at work.
    I can send you a log file made with 9.8.37, or we could wait for my success in upgrading TWAIN. I'm OK with the latter option, but this will probably have to wait until Monday. Agreed?
  • Go into Add/Remove programs and remove "Scanner Utility for Microsoft Windows" that is Fujitsu TWAIN driver.
    Then install new one.
  • Actually, the point I was trying to make was that "Scanner Utility for Microsoft Windows" does not show up under Add/Remove programs. I found the driver CD though, and was able to uninstall the original TWAIN driver with that. I was then able to update to the most recent Fujitsu TWAIN and things are now working under Windows 98 as well.
    Looks like a very promising product, with weekend support as a bonus!