Remote Scan Client Not working for one user

I cannot get remote scan client to work for one user. All other users work fine. I have given this user full access to the twain_32 directory, twain.dll, twain_32.dll, twunk_16.exe, and twunk_32.exe. I have made this user a domain admin, turned off the windows firewall but the remote scan dialog box will not appear. I have tested this with multiple users that do not have admin rights with the firewall turned on and it works for all of them. Unfortunately, I have the remote scan server license on the one user that it does not work for. Remote scan client is installed on a windows 2003 terminal server. I am using version 9.432 I do not no what else to do. Please help. Thank you.
  • Have you tried logging in as that particular user and while logged in as that user run the remotescan installer? (make sure NOT to select update all users in this particular case if you see that option). Try doing that and then see if RemoteScan(TM) shows up as a scanner choice
  • Thank you for the reply. The installation was successful logged in as that particular user, unfortunately the remote scan dialog box still will not appear. I did not update all users. Remote Scan still works when I log in as myself and all other test users.
  • The third party program we are using for scanning is called Infothek Scan 11. In this program for the problem user I click File, select scanner, a scan box pops up for a millisecond and then disappears. With every other user that I have tested, when I click file select scanner, the same box comes up and stays there until I click select. The box shows my scanner as Remote Scan(TM) 9.432 32-32. After I click select I push the scan button and the remote scan box appears.
  • While logged in as that user, bring up a cmd prompt and type the word


    and then hit return. Look for the values "Homedrive" and "homepath". Go to that directory and then go into the sub directory "windows"


    then check to make sure the following files are there:

    twain_32 <directory>

    If not, then the install did not work correctly and please install again while logged in as that user
  • The problem user has twain.dll, twain_32.dll, twunk_16.exe, twunk_32.exe files and twain_32 directory all within his windows folder. His home drive is C: and his home path is \Documents and Settings\"user name"